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Chapter thirteen. We'll be looking at the first seventeen verses of this amazing tax than this amazing chapter. What would you talk about if you had less than one day to live in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven Jonathan Edwards, one of the most influential preachers preach in America was called to be president of Princeton college just a week after his inauguration? He was inoculated for smallpox and fever hit Edwards. He died on March twenty seconds seventeen fifty eight at the age of fifty five. Shortly before he died. He knew he was dying. He had an opportunity to say goodbye to each of his family members. And then is brands and one of his family said his final words were this. Where is Jesus might never failing friend. He went home to be with the Lord with that on his lips deal moody, the great evangelist and preacher, the former shoe salesman that God used Iraq two continents. When he was dying people described it as a very triumphant moment. His final words were. I see earth receding heaven is opening and God is calling me. And with that he shut his eyes and went home to be with the Lord John Bunyan who was in prison for his faith and wrote pilgrim's progress in sixteen twenty eight have become very estranged from his son and bunion went to London on a mission of reconciliation on the way home. He got caught in a violent storm and contract that a very mysterious disease, which would end his life ten days later. His last words recorded by those were. With him at his bedside. When he died were these we not for me, but for yourselves, I go to the father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Who will no doubt through the mediation of his blessed? Son receive me though a center when I hope we shall air long. Meet the sing a new song and remain ever lastingly happy in the world without in men in bunion died. Those were the last words of faithful people who knew they were going to die. That's what they said before they died. John chapters thirteen to seventeen is a critical tax because it gives us in great detail Christ final instructions to his disciple on the very ninety was arrested in less than one day from this instruction in less than one day from this conversation Jesus Christ will be hanging on a cross dying for sins. His public ministry is over. And we come now to what many believe is one of the most sacred series of chapters and all of the bible. There are no chapters like these anywhere else in scripture, the gospel of John gives us much more of the content of Christ final instruction to the disciples than all the other gospels do. Now, the context of this is that there were many who had believed on the Lord, but they were not following the Lord, they were secret believers who would not be highly honored in heaven, nor would they be really happy here on earth as a believer. You cannot be happy until you decide you're going to obey the word of God. And do what God wants you to do. And never is that more evident than when you come to this text tonight. Now before we analyze what's actually in the text. There are three observations I wanna.

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