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Go to article furniture if you want your house to look like everything you see in my house on instagram because it is all from article. That's great. I don't know about you guys and gals ladies and worms. But i really put off going to the doctor. During the pandemic as you can tell by my appearance And limp but it is time for me to get back on track okay. i'm. I'm sick of just brushing one side of my teeth. You know because the other ones are two cents. Though i feel like i'm gonna start going to the doctor again. I feel like that clicking sound like we can lube oil out up somewhere else criminal galata. Don't you think key. Please call doctor kevorkian and making employment grace. Oh my god. What are your horrified. Come here five. Because he's dead because he's a killer no because who calls the doctor's office to make a doctor's appointment anymore. Is that what you do for a living to know what you would know that. I'm never on the phone. Because i just downloaded the free talk app the easiest way to find a great doctrine instantly appointment with sock. You can search for local doctors who take your insurance. No no no no no no no no no no. She's very young. she doesn't understand in my day. You just walked outside and just relax doctor right like on a plane. Know if you've ever been seen by real doctor board certified. We'll no i see i see real doctors the ones that like. Have you just come over to their house. That'd people working. I'm just saying i'm just saying like when you the. I don't know what you're talking about here but in my day to get a doctrine you have to call between you have about three hours of the day you can't call between nine thirty and ten fifteen and then wait for lunch and then there's a lunch break and then you get the voicemail and then at like shoes but to forty five to four fifteen you have a window and maybe they'll call you back. Baby maybe maybe or you'll call them like on hold and you'll and they put you on hold and then you just die of whatever thing you have. Is that sort of rigmarole. i don't. That's not how we did on science. And then you just pray they take your insurance once you get. They won't though right. You can pray but right right right. Dr forget it okay..

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