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Which you know you might guess is the same system that response to cannabis or marijuana so you know this is according to researchers at lund university in sweden and sediment often activates to ion channels in the brain and spinal cord and these are the two channels that also respond to cannabinoid and the weird thing though is that these ion channels can actually trigger pain and issue responses so it's pretty strange that activating them would actually reduce the pain it is but you know like i said nobody really knows for sure how these all work well you know you mentioned that acetaminophen has been around since the eighteen hundreds so why don't we switch gears and talk a little bit more about the history behind a few of the common painkillers yeah so you know i'm always tempted to start from the beginning and dig into the weird history beyond a topic but with something like pain relievers feels like it might be a tad to emphasise i mean pain is something that humans have had to contend with on a daily basis and at this point we've actually spent millennia like experimenting with different kinds of ways to manage it it's kind of a lot to cover you you know know actually when i was studying abroad to that we went to the valley which haven't had much contact with western civilization and our professor told us that people used to manage their headaches by putting these pieces of tape on the sides of their heads in fact if you give them aspirin or tylenol or whatever it would actually really really affect them and it was kind of funny because marijuana actually grew wild in the fields they're everywhere it was all over the place but noone smoked as pain released they just use these little strips of tape to manage their pain and you know maybe it works i didn't actually try and try some tape we could easily devote a whole episode to bizarre pain management techniques that people have tried in the past you look at everything from like boring holes and people skulls hanging gongs the scare away painful spirits which i know you still do sometime but yeah but those ancient remedies that have the most bearing on painkillers today they're actually the botanical ones so for instance you know you look at the ancient greeks they chewed bark and the leaves of.

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