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1st? What do you feel right now? John Jansen. I think it will be lucky to see big 10 football in January in any time before that. I don't see it happening to your point. What's going to be different at the end of September or the beginning of November or the end of November? You're talking about 60 days. What changes that much in that amount of time to hold a football season starting football season. I think we're lucky to see it in January, so you don't think the president's bow down to fear here potentially of the other three power five conferences getting in their season? No, I think unfortunately, I think that they have stated their claim. They've planted their flag and they're going. They're going to ride with the decision that they've made so pretty much once again. This is another teas from the big 10. Like the schedule. They released the schedule. Then six days later, boom, they pull the rug out from underneath the season. What we're hearing today is another tease, though these student athletes and if that's the case Andi. Hey, Whoever got leaked, you know it got leaked, but I think that's disgraceful. If you don't think they're going to play, why even put this stuff out there today? Well and and that's why I go back to what I originally said. When we started our conversation until you hear from the president or chancellor's, or you hear that they're a part of the conversation. Everything else that happens. We've already seen athletic directors want to play football coaches want to play. The players want to play. But until you hear from the power brokers, the decision makers There really is no value to that conversation. John appreciate the time. Great stuff is always great Insight. Hey, Thanks for having me. You guys have a great weekend. You two There's John Jansen. If that happens if they don't play now, after this stuff was leaked out today, the big 10 really doesn't know the difference between their elbow on their ass like Let's just call it how it is. Think about this timeline. Think about the timeline. August 11th. We don't have a season six days earlier. We give you the schedule. Now you're teasing these student athletes again. This stuff was leaked about potentially started a season. Thanks Given January 1st. And John Jansen works for Big 10 radio and is plugged in, and a But, he says, doesn't necessarily mean it's going to happen. But if he thinks the president's aren't going to reverse that their decision What's the point of putting this information out there? I get these decisions aren't easy. I totally totally totally get that. You've got to be a little bit more careful here, and the reality is the big 10 made a decision. And then they got fearful that the other three conferences we're going to have success, and now they're trying to scramble to put it together to.

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