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Three one zero one one. so the last hour I was running a little bit about something I read over the weekend. what a lot of cool things that are happening in a lot of things it can I get under my skin. about what's going on on space the announcement about life out in space what may be going on on Mars and. all the other places in between. but early NASA's announced same vicious trips to the moon twenty twenty four. Artemis twin sister of Apollo which is kind of an interesting twist twenty twenty four planning going to the moon and then having a base bill by twenty twenty eight we set the plan but then we heard that so to have a really Ryan thing didn't have with Ryan so we're still waiting to see if this is going to continue. also there is going to be a a trip to Mars I guess next summer they're sending the twenty twenty rover. and they're going to tag teaming with the XO Mars rover from the European Space Agency and this time they're going to drill into our lease good take drill into the crust of bars to look at the rock Castro biology. and lead Jim green who is the director of the planetary science division NASA has said Hey guys this means the life we announced about life on Mars is coming soon dangling that because we care it again life on Mars is coming soon but you know what we don't think the public is ready to hear it yet they're not prepared for it yet. I was with I'm sure you I had going what really is this really being said by someone at NASA especially coming from the director of planetary science division specially when NASA is actually been talking up the idea of life in space that you know planet after planted and Kepler in it and see you know this teaming up I think is a great idea because what the ExoMars rover will find with the twenty twenty rover will find can be compared for data and we can make the announcer the world they find something underneath the radioactive regolith of Mars but again here we are back to NASA dangling because we care telling us that they'll find life soon. even though it's obvious they already found life out there at least you know as far as I know because you go back to the Viking missions and you go back to you know Gilbert Levin and you go back to you know all the others that have you know come forward with you know data and and science and NASA is just stepped in and said Hey nothing to see here don't get all worked up about it because it's nothing and then you know of course one of the pioneers of it all Richard C. Hoagland of the enterprise mission thing about Richard as is that from time ad infinitum since he's been on this planet giving us information he is brought forward some of the most intriguing and interesting stuff about Mars is the principal investigator founder of the enterprise mission as well as the vision of the voice of the other side of midnight thanks for metal the former science adviser to CBS news Walter Cronkite off of best selling books the monuments of Mars and the dark mission the secret is your guy NASA together with Carl Sagan Richard C. Hoagland co created the pioneer plaque and predicted life on Europa is groundbreaking paper the Europa proposal as we publish thirty seven years before NASA announced it would doing anything of Europa his vision is inspired a whole new generation pioneers of thought and form an open the way for citizen scientists around the globe to open their minds to new ideas his work has is emulated by cutting edge thinkers around the world is a thought leader a pioneer is breaking the bonds of staggered our cake scientific models but the welcome Richard C. Hoagland back to ground zero Richard you there. Clyde how the hell do I follow that everything from now on is going to be downhill I was gonna blow trumpets and stuff too but I just don't have any in that. announcing Richard C. Hoagland you know here's the thing I want to ask you this question is NASA getting cliche because here's the deal one green said what he said over the weekend he says well coming soon Martian life and he said I don't think the public is ready to hear it I'm thinking are you kidding me this is so straight out of Brookings. the Brookings report yeah he debuted decades ago yes this official NASA government study that NASA commissioned right after Eisenhower created NASA mmhm which basically paraphrased who was who was of the printing actor in a few good men okay like in like a mile wide you can't handle the truth yeah yeah bands been their attitude for decades and decades and decades as Jack Nicholson by the way Jack Nicklaus yes yes how do you handle the truth yeah well that's the way I mean that see that's the thing is that yes we can I mean we as a pro well but see that's not honest it's not the truth green statement is full of missed direction and deception like a whole bunch of stuff going on in Washington these days. because if if it's ever admit it. everything will change and the folks on top have only one place to go. down the hill toward the bottom and they will fight to the death to maintain their positions of power and the discovery we're not alone even if it's something as miniscule as a bacterium on Mars threatens their whole universe their house of cards their power complex their complex multi leveled games that they've been running on this for you know hundreds of years. what's going on I've been hearing rumors actually there was something I was reading of the other day about how well the military is talking and and lessen the stigma of reporting UFOs with the recent discoveries of the tech tech videos whatever scientists now some of them I've gotten angry and I decide to push other signs instead of the feel they're starting to talk about possibility of life out in space because of what was shown with New York times is revealed was in twenty seventeen about the name it's everything else at and what they're doing is is they're basically saying well this is all conspiracy theory anybody plays in that realm of pseudo science we don't want to have anything to do with them so now science is basically putting the stigma daunted scientists who wish to leap forward in now stop playing in the old ways and start talking about quantum physics and start point about all that. well the good news is events are going to overtake all these characters. green statement if you read between the lines you know some of the stuff that we're going to talk about with your audience tonight how much time we got well whatever you want if you you know where this is going to get interesting I know I know we said in our but maybe it's gonna be two hours because I can't I I when I have you want it's like I got to just keep your eye all I always come prepared yeah. I'm just sitting here you know I'm I'm Bob ranting well all right. let me let me get the good stuff right there on his. good yeah that was the good stuff okay in the piece on Green which you brought up as an editorial which I just got and I didn't have time to read the whole thing so I skimmed it. you mentioned a movable up I'm okay for those who don't know what we're talking about folks a move over just a year ago just a week or two shy of a year ago this bizarre object went sailing through the inner solar system from the direction of the constellation of life which is like ninety degrees to the plane of the solar system like a big old LP record zip down past the sun made a sharp left hand turn and headed out toward I think it was Pegasus at speeds in excess of the escape velocity from the sun so it was the first bona fide everybody agrees interstellar visitor coming in from the dark right. it only appeared in even the biggest telescopes as a point of light. but it was a really really really weird point of light because it was moving like a bat out of hell mmhm and it was not tethered by gravity to the sun it fell in word and then fell out we're just keeping forever it'll never come back and we had nothing in this brief time span that they knew it was around the could go out and chase it can catch it and look at it. so everything we know about a mobile Mila by the way the name comes from the Hawaiian. which NASA said and they they lied about this they said it meant first visitor from afar mmhm. no the real definition found by my one of my colleagues Keith Laney. in the online dictionary of normal means. scout first out of all war party. well think about that. NASA names the first interstellar visitor. as an aggressive enemy alien. first out of a war party well like a battle ship it looked like a flying battleship opened up we never saw it member it's only point of light right all those images you saw were are just reconstructions based on analysis of what's called the light Kerr. because one of the first things that the big guys with big telescopes noticed in this frenzy all over the world as a single sailing passage was only seen when it passed the sun on the way out we didn't get along the way in. all they saw was this thing was varying wildly in brightness. I something like a factor of ten to one a little point of light winking. in the dark every few hours by a factor of ten to one. so they put their computers together in they've locked up a lot could you can do this kind of you know by retro analysis in what would this object have to look like to very if you assume with spinning if it's tumbling to very by a factor of ten to one. and that's when they came up with this very very long cigar shaped fame looking really like an alien spaceship I mean the reconstructions daily reconstructions were right out of you know sci fi. that's what the number said it had to be something long and slim like a pander a pencil. there's nothing else we ever found out there well they get me and this is all we call it like a cosmic needle it was red I guess well the the the other thing the observations indicate it was it was pink issue was reddish yeah but it was only reddish on one side. interesting well would take a break and continue the story about more more and now back to it is still a factor in a lot of what scientists are saying about the conspiracy theories in the ones are doubling down on the idea that this was not a comet nor was it an asteroid it was an interstellar object it acted very alien.

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