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Uh-huh. Come to you from my apar-. It's rob has a podcast. Now, here's the guy who could come Pleat the roadblock of putting together, the nine piece podcasts set up like nothing. I am a rob sister, Nina lary. Welcome back to our amazing race. Thirty one finale recap. We've got a lot to get to here today. Two hours of mazing race which ended up seeing Colin and Christie become the amazing race. Reality star showdown champs narrowly edging out Tyler in Corey, and not. So narrowly edging out the Afghan malls, and we were here to talk about everything that's going on. Of course, let's bring in our chief amazing race. Correspondent Jessica lease. Jessica, how are you? I'm doing great, rob. I'm so excited to talk about all of this. I mean, I would say a seven nation army couldn't hold me back, greatest riff of all time of all time. Okay. Also, to join us a man who always is up for some rips, whether they're from Jack white or not. Here is the great Mike blue Mike, our you prefer. My mic white rip over those pesky Jack white rafts amazing race, Jack white. Quite. Yeah. Yeah. Do you like seven nation army? Yeah. Yeah. How about his last album? So I do not have the river any other white stripes music, sorry about that. Remember that time when he thought he was his sister, but it was actually dating his band member. Do you like that? Refashioned at all right. We are way off the tracks here. Much much like. Much like Leo with the safe with. This finale recap. Of course, speaking of Leo in our final three teams we have recaps with three teams that are interviews with three teams that made it to the final three in this amazing race finale, so very excited for you to listen to those interviews with the three finalists on our amazing race. Finale interviews special. That is up at rob has a website dot com. Sadly,.

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