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Com studios we say goodbye to one of the greats jim neighbors passed away now i know age of eighty seven gomer pyle andy griffith gomer pyle u smc surprise surprise surprise here is andy griffith from back in the day k n the job now i'm going off the market now retirement verdicts book you know anything about cutting meet reflect their last night anyway he's out the house and they've got a great voice to we could sink eighty seven eighty seven years old he was a gay guy nobody knew that of course at the time but he died peacefully in the house of in in hawaii god rest and a nice man and he has with its own matt lauer he continue a more and more people coming out allegations of what did the management no when did they know it what did cohost no and when the day no it anyway here's matt lauer interviewing this and hathaway a couple of years ago she had a sort of sharon stone basic instinct moment coming out of a cars none of what she fleshed or a private parts by accident and lowered just a welltaken listen hathaway good morning nice to see seal out of you lately you i'd be happy to stay home but the film let's just get it out of the way had a little wardrobe malfunction um the other night what's the lesson learned from something like that let you keep smiling which you always do well it was obviously an unfortunate incident we looked looks headed under the weight for the second time goes back to life this lead with that out listen he was on the merits vieira's show she had been a cohost of his in years past than they had this exchange is sitting next to savannah guthrie while this interviews being conducted this is a two years ago thing listen let's say i want to cheer office once do you remember this yeah supangan you had a huge bag of sex toys and you do remember this own way wait a minute can we in what happened jewish there we had a guest on this show was a what was she a sex therapist and so when she left i think you did the segment actually when she lab she gave each of us a shopping bag a bag of through a story i didn't know what to do i put it in my closet my dressing room.

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