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This is darriel ali and you're listening to the before the millions podcast episode forty five are you ready to be the master architect of your life are you ready to design your business and invest the needs that create the lifestyle you've always dreamt up to are you ready to learn from entrepreneurs and millionaires who have achieved a certain level of success hey this is derek location independent entrepreneur and you're listening to the before the millions podcasts i am gina lofton i am an investor and you're listening to the before the millions podcast hey there my name is heather haven would marketing coach and global entrepreneur and you are listening to the before the millions podcasts hey this is marcus crispy host of the seven minute mental podcast global entrepreneur all round geek and you listen to the befall the millions podcast i am mc laubscher the cash loon injure and you're listening to before the millions bought cost you're listening to the before the millions fogcast a whether you're looking to invest where cash flow all built an online business that allows you to be location independent you come to the right place mr hollywood himself presents the be four the millions now your host d'auray hey will soap push going on guys we're back for another week back for another installment another episode of the before the millions podcasts podcast dedicated to lifestyle design through real estate before the millions so on today show we are speaking to mr thelonious see jones real estate investor who specializes in section eight housing we haven't talked about section eight housing yet on this show so i'm really really excited to the loneliness lawn to set some light into an arena that we quite frankly know little about and you'd be surprised at how section eight housing really really works and what ticks nate housing really really is and how many other programs that are similar to sex and the housing that people actually get confused for section eight housing so we're going to show you exactly how to benefit from section eight housing but also the pitfalls of sex and eight housing needs to watch out for it's a super bundled up soda and i can't wait to get into it.

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