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The opener four to three wilmer flores the hero once again and they were in line to potentially get a devil header sweep though they had to solve aaron lows been one of the best pitchers in the national league this year nola the only phillies all star representative for a team that has come out of nowhere seemingly to be near the top of the nfl tied for first place with just a handful of games to play before the allstar break phillies only sending one player to washington dc and deservedly it is nola who had ten strikeouts today and allowed one hit in his seven scoreless innings it was in the first inning when wilmer flores punched a single to left against nola the only knock against him in this ball game but it was aaron nola with the bad himself that would hurt the mets corey oswald had by far and away his most effective bigleague start tonight you retire the first twelve consecutive hitters that he faced in order on the anniversary of tom seaver ze near perfect game in nineteen sixty nine but oswald wouldn't get nearly as far as sieber did it ended in the top of the fifth inning when carlos santana drew a walk then another free pass to aaron all tear a couple of outs recorded byles one including one off the metaphor hey al borrow that advanced both runners up a base that left first base open and easily the mets decided to walk michael francke why wouldn't you homerun machine and that eight spot in the order of big rbi guy that can do some damage so the mets rightfully elected to put franck o on first but it backfired aaron nola not a great hitting pitcher stepped up and did some damage against cory oswal first picks to like down the right field that's going to be a pace it's gonna go to the corner and it could clear the basis santana's all teheran franko around third coming home floor is relate throw not in time up the third base line and standing at second is the pitcher aaron nola the first phillies head of the game is a basis clearing three run double and the phillies sabbath three to nothing lead just a stunner off the bat of aaron nola wealth plays double into the right field corner just the second extra base hit in knowle's career he was not nine for his first one hundred thirty six at the plate including just two for thirty five this season until that devil nolan now with six career runs batted in he got three of them on that one hit putting that ball perfectly into the corner scoring santana altera and franco and the phillies had a three nothing lead poor corey ause that would be the only hit he allowed in this game as he worked six innings he struck out seven a very quality start from corey oswald but he could not match nola ten case for nola only two mets baserunners in the first eight innings of this game it wasn't until the bottom of the night the match got something going and it came with two outs against tommy hunter brandon nimmo was hit by a pitch as he's want to do and wilmer flores which send him a home and hunters first pitch demo takes off of the ball driven up gap and right center that's going to be in for a base hit score demo easily laura's wait a second as the ball is picked up on the.

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