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Great when he's been on the field, but his presence maybe has been more noticeable when he has not been on the field. Yeah, and so talking about him this month, it's actually kind of counterintuitive because it's clearly his worst moment of the season. Because he's missed a couple of games. And by the way, when he misses games, it turns out that LAFC gets absolutely smoked, which is what happened. This past weekend in Austin. And it goes back to all the stuff that kalyn was talking about in terms of his ability to get on the ball and be a problem solver for LAFC in possession. He moves the game around in midfield to where LAFC want to play. And he gets it to the attackers when they're at they have the biggest advantage over the defense in terms of being having time and space to turn and play vertical. His ability to be a metronome like that has been so crucial to this team, even when they're not playing pure possession. Like we've seen them go multiple games in a row playing counter attack soccer and his ability to be the first pass out on the break and to put everybody in on a sprint. I'm not talking about defense splitting through balls, but I'm talking about getting the ball to sifuentes or to Kellen Acosta with time to pick their heads up and spray a ball out to the flanks and get guys on the run. He's been invaluable at that. On top of it, defensively, nobody's going to mistake him for Diego Chara in terms of the amount of ground that he covers. But he's never out of position. They have him in a spot where his primary job is to stop the ball in front of the defense with the ball turn and play. And keeping it that simple for him and having guys around him, whether it be out of central defense or the

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