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To my fortune to local streets from the upper level out and things are okay I'm Jeff Jensen export three forty one and ten ten wins wins news time three thirty to not be official tides and winds accu weather for day forecast meteorologist Brian Thompson will you be putting your uncle on the grill this week it looks good yet look it looks pretty good for those parts of a we are gonna be tracking maybe a couple of showers thunderstorms of pop up especially this afternoon they're going to be hit or miss stone even if you do see a shower storm I don't think it'll interrupt your plans for two along it after of a pretty warm start to the day starting at around seventy three in the city will top out around eighty five this after another humidity is going to be higher so I get a real feel tempted to reach the low nineties this afternoon warm and still sticky tonight with a shower thunderstorm in spots so seventy two a very warm day Sunday was sun and clouds but the humidity comes back down again in the afternoon Sunday's I eighty seven a Monday and Tuesday don't look all that bad highs in the mid eighties a fair amount of sunshine hello Monday may try to creep back up a bit on Tuesday seventy four degrees right now it's mostly cloudy in Central Park unity eight eighty one percent and the wind out of the south of three of the current temperature seventy four going down to seventy three in midtown I'm activity roaches pride Thompson on the York's weather station and then when its Wednesdays time three thirty three Capital One reasons for thirty second audio tour of Ireland she's very German castle German castle terming castle charming castle channel you know you can actually go there when you use the Capital One venture card you earn unlimited double miles on every dollar you spend on every purchase which means you'll have plenty of miles to actually travel to Ireland the Capital One venture card what's in your wallet Capital One bank USA NA while Reilly auto parts for do it right deals right now you can purchase a lex luger start batteries and get up to a fifteen dollar gift card after a mail in rebate or by break best select brake pads and to break best select rotors and get up to a twenty five dollar gift card after mail in rebate Reilly auto parts better parts better prices everyday is this time three thirty four well it looks like a congressional races in the cards for former city council speaker Melissa mark the readout Daily News is reporting she's expected to throw her hat into the ring for candidacy for New York City in congressional districts soon now it's a crowded democratic primary field including at least six other candidates going after that south proxy representative Jose Serrano leave that spot retiring next year in the wake of his diagnosis with Parkinson's disease meanwhile now there's a majority of Democrats now standing in favor of impeachment this after a California lawmaker became the one hundred and eighteen Democrat to call for trump's impeachment process to start however in a statement released yesterday house speaker Nancy Pelosi's didn't give any sign that she was about to change her cautious approach members are back in their districts hearing from constituents so that one hundred and eighteen number is expected to grow in the next couple of weeks of course more than twenty Democrats have come out in support of opening an impeachment inquiry since Robert Muller testified last week that is more in fox reporting of a cliff collapsed down onto a southern California beach killing at least one and injuring four others who've correspondent Jim route that happened about three PM on a beach in Encinitas sense about twenty five miles north from downtown San Diego we're concerned about a secondary collapses in his life guard capillary Giles says soil engineers have confirmed the homes up on the cliff away from the blonde for not compromised but there is still a danger of more.

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