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I should be careful here i think i worked in a comic bookstore is teenager it was first job's pretty legit yeah but i think i i experienced maybe a little differently than say some of our colleagues like david shoemaker jaising ensure the owner even any greenwald who i think we're veracious consumers of the titles i was very aware of them in kind of a cataloging way when i was a preteen my favorite magazine was called wizard and wizard was sort of like the sort of the entertainment weekly of the comic book world and i was very aware of everything that was happening even though i wasn't always invested in a lot of titles at any given time things sort of catch my interest and then they go so it's funny to see these characters were were starting to reach a logical and point of what's yeah and it can't be adapted and what can and can't be a movie but it it is funny to see them work really hard on deadpool because he was such a he already was such as self referential figure in the in the world of comics the concept of of breaking the fourth wall was a pretty big deal as i recall in the nineties and the first one to do it probably not i mean i'm sure that in the stanley jack kirby days they took risks and there are a lot of humility comic books in the moral cannon there's there's a lot of stuff that happened over the years the you look back and be like he's guys aren't allowed to drugs but there is something very like sticky and gen x and like reality bites pulp fiction about deadpool and so it's funny to see him rendered now in this way where we already feel like we know everything all the time he he is kind of the perfect superhero for this moment yeah that said like it doesn't always mean that the movie is good it's it's this is such a mixed bag of a series i like legitimately laughed out loud maybe five or six times which never happens because i'm a robot who sees up here but there are other times where i was just like this is incredibly violent and stupid and i'm getting nothing out of it i mean as somebody who's not a comic book head so to speak.

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