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Give or your son will be sent to credit card you'll be sent a credit card to give your son what one way or the other right he has authorization to use that credit card in your in on your account its piggy backing on your account so now what happens is he's got a card he gets all the credit history of that account for the past I mean you're in you know you're gonna get that but if he buys one stuff doesn't pay for it on page so there is he I thought you said that you're not responsible no no no no no no no the rise cold borrower he the authorized user is is is not respond it is responsible but the the the hi merry user primary use is really revising because I okay so I'd be a cosigner on a lot of the point is you don't have to give the the sun the car you're right and that's what he was saying that what he said to you right open credit for him even though he usually log card is right like piggy backing well that was a new term five nine one eighty nine hundred so so if you want to in that same situation you give your son a card and then it comes in and you could just tear it up or sh right this and then he never gets a hold of it he would have the number one given Nike kids every can give your kids are into yes to help their credit rate I could open yes make them authorize users right and even then only have three years of experience on the history because the biggest problem is Gerry was saying is that a lot of these people when they just started using credit and they've always paid with cash or they're young it's not that they don't have good credit they have they don't have enough credit they don't have the credit they don't have the history and then gives them the histrionic and this generation is a debit card generations society so they're not in the credit and it's different over there I would use a debit card for the past five years like great it doesn't do anything on your credit right so it's virtually if they had if he racked up bad credit rating with that reflect back on me because I his party shares an account with me or not no right now began to build you back on his account I mean but if he had some other bad credit out it wouldn't refund okay the that's the fire wall okay just for the car I know our young for Christmas this year Spencer.

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