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For kids. I'm also accepting real estate donations. Everybody screwed cap on baseball Game tonight against the Giants of the Padres of this three game Serious and Cape. We watch a little bit Web pitching last night's ballgame, and his numbers were pretty good. You go six innings and Gives up three runs when you compare it statistically to his outing, the previous start, where he went seven shutout innings in the allowed three hits and struck out a career. I ate your thinking. He did not pitch is good last night as he did the previous start when he shut out Iraqis for seven innings, but you know baseball being in that it is a funny game. Really wasn't that way last night Logon Web pitch better. And he did the previous time when he shut out the Padres for seven innings. It's kind of like With Mauricio Dubon Mauricio Davon has been hit the ball really hard. He's got nothing for me to come five days ago is hitting 1 11. Was the hardest 1 11 in the history of the game. And now they're starting to fall. But What is the key? How do you How do you survive that? How do you Explain to somebody when they're looking at your numbers, and you have a loss. How do you tell them? Well, yeah, but I threw better than last week when I shot a guy out for a team out for 70. How do you How do you explain that? Well, it's a lot easier now than it was when you and I played because they didn't have The stats that they have now where you can look at a piece of paper, and you can see that du Bon Has made contact. And 20% of the time he's made contact. He's hit the ball exit velocity over 100 MPH, and those all should be hits. They don't have that stuff when we play. He did not. So all you could do is you could walk around and say. I'm hitting in tough luck. I'm hitting in tough luck. I think I heard Will Clark say that a million times I'm hitting in tough luck. Even if he wasn't hitting. It's tough luck. You know, back then It was a lot harder now It's a lot easier Look to block and can say, Look, Look it! Look, it Would analytics is telling us it's telling us that I'm doing everything that I need to do to get base hits, and I'm not getting base. It's so the only thing you have to be careful of his You're not getting hits. You're gonna put yourself into a slump because you're going to try too hard to get hits. You just have to keep doing what you're doing. And you have to hope that at some point some of those balls that you hit hard You're gonna even up like getting a blooper A couple of into infield hits, You know, just tow make your numbers look a lot better. It's hard walking up the home plate and his biggest score. Boards are toe look and see. An average that's you know, under 200, or even under 1 50. It's hard, big leaguers don't deal with that very well. And But, you know, I think the bonds in a pretty good job with it, the one thing he can't do. If you're specifically talking about Dubon is he can't take the bad luck. He's having offensively. He cannot take that on the field defensively because he plays the two most important spots on the diamond. Assuming that you're not including the catcher, and that center feeling short stuff here, right? That's absolutely right. You know, I used to love that about Barry Bonds me. He had a really good way of simplifying..

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