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The average rider thirty four year old man most were injured by not paying attention to traffic laws or warnings from the scooter companies west LA attorney, Catherine Lehrer says some people just can't be bothered with reading all the fine print when you download the scooter there's a liability waiver in there. It says you can't see what's if you're injured and that you would seem all risk of injury. So that's problematic. Now still did two or three hundred scooter. Injury victim so far over the last year and not one of them ever read that user greement, and it wasn't until after the accident that they learned that's going to be a problem. So back to the study found eighty percent of accidents happens because the rider fell off the scooter and other eleven percents, they ran into something continuing our team coverage of the government shutdown, and perhaps the ending of it tonight. The house and Senate both approved legislation today that's intended to reopen the government after a record long five day shutdown. It's gone to the president for a signature was still waiting to hear. If he signed it. President Trump now three week extension to put federal employees back to work. I will make sure that all employees received their back pay very quickly or as soon as possible. It'll happen fast. The government will remain open at least until February fifteenth while negotiations continue to settle the issue a border security, some see this as another victory for speaker Nancy Pelosi who was asked if we might be facing another government shutdown in mid February. I can assure the public on anything that the president will do. But I do have to say I'm optimistic. I see every challenge your every crisis as an opportunity an opportunity to the right thing for the American people. President Trump says he will declare a national emergency to build his US Mexico border wall. If there's no deal with congress by mid February. We'll have more on this story coming up at the bottom of the hour. Little more right now to conservative commentator and columnist. Ann Coulter tells KNX the president was outplayed by Pelosi joining today because of the attacks on the president for capitulating. There's no other way so read this culture says that President Trump is failing at his central campaign promise to build that border wall. Donald. Unusual creature to be sitting in the Oval Office. The American people didn't vote for him. This'll be fun. We'll put this this trashy, not, you know, developer reality TV star in the Oval Office. He won because of the crisis because Americans have been trying to say this to their elected representatives for thirty years. Toltar- says you legal immigration will continue to drive down wages in America's liberals are being scammed. She calls herself a leftist on that issue. We spoke to her at some length today on KNX in-depth, you can hear.

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