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By making the phone ring so i've looked to do look at. How long did i want to take too but right now there are nine hundred thousand unfilled construction jobs across the united states and it blows my mind because everybody in the world lives in a house. Works building stays in a hotel goes to the hospital works in a plant traits. People build a repair. The world they do blows blows my mind. We've got that many open jobs. Yeah i mean even the highschool in my in my city here which is a non a suburb. Outside of portland oregon. One of the best ranked high schools in the state We're always in the top three or four. But they turned the trades program buildings that were in the high school into computer labs and stuff so they just have not embraced that they abandoned those kids and then across town over here. Probably half hour away from me. There's a high school program over there in forest grove. Where they have they build a house every year and they sell the house and the finances next year's program and these high school kids are building the cabinetry. They're and they're doing everything. They've got twenty plus years of of a successful program. I we just need to get that everywhere. And you're going to try to fill that need and i love it because you could put millions of people through that program and they're still going to be a void to fill the and there is an. Here's the thing about what i'm doing you know to me. This is what makes us different. And i've had people ask me all the time. You'll open shop seventeen years before i got in the union and once i got into the union. I rose took to form into superintendent. General superintendent. I rose all the way up to director of operations for a large mechanical contractor before i got out so what. I'm literally the into the trades program the the initial program. I don't teach them how to put together. I don't teach them how to pull wire. I teach them to get the mindset to put themselves in position to get the best jobs to make the most money talk always learn and grow. The bad thing is and i've interviewed a lot of people that have have a professional. Asan's me for instance. When i got into plumbing. I wanted to become a plumber. Once i got that plumbing lessons i s i stopped. I stopped learning. I stopped growing. I was a plumber then and that was my goal. The thing is there's so many great opportunities beyond that that most people don't ever even think about so my thing is how do we get people not just ended the trays but get them in with the mindset of look i can move up i can do well i can grow. I can either grow to a great job with the company. 'cause everybody doesn't want to own their own company. It's a lot of work. Yes but some of them do want to they. They're like one day. I want to work for myself..

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