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I look forward to discussing what has taken place tonight over the course of the next hour and twenty two minutes. I figure our topic of conversation. Well, it will be a variety of topics ranging from your choice. David Bill the offense specifically the outfield, maybe more specifically Scott shetler maybe more specifically the leadoff spot. And I'm sure we'll toss in some conversation about the bullpen who would have figured the reds would allow and I told you go again back to back nights. You would hold the Milwaukee Brewers in that ballpark to four runs each night and lose both nights. You would have said what four. Games into the season. The right stay in one and three. They've scored eleven runs in four games. They've allowed just sixteen runs in four games. My butler. Matt tells me that's four runs a game. You would have figured going into the season Lance what if reds pitching allows only four runs per game. I said I'll take that one in three. Let me let me let me say this because there's a there's a word that the buzzword used at times like this that I I've never understood actually I understand it. I don't understand the application of it in this case. I hear a lot of this. It's early relax. What let me be clear. There is no I've got a bunch of buttons here in front of me. I'm not another panic buttons that I'm pushing. I'm not panicking. I'm not calling the season over. I'm not waving a white flag. But I don't understand those who say it's early because there's one hundred sixty two games, and they all the same in any wins. You get now are wins. You don't have to chase later in any losses. You take. Now are games. You can't get back. It's not like Kroger fuel points. You can't get double wins later in the season a winning loss. Now is like a win and a loss in July or a win loss in September. So I've never understood the application of early in baseball. It's early there. One in three that's three losses. They can't change. You see what I'm saying? That's like that's a pet. Peeve of mine where to begin David Bill. I don't understand taking Anthony disco forty out. I'll say it up front because there were there were no warning signs. He had gone five. Innings of three hit one run baseball. He had walked three had struck out eight. I thought his curveball was really good. He was getting swings and misses on his curveball tonight. He had thrown eighty nine pitches. That's not. I mean, he went one hundred pitchers a couple of times last season. And I'm not asking him to go one twenty what I what I would like to see is led him explore the six with an opportunity to show he can get through it. And if it's a baserunners if it's a walk if it's a single then you go to the bullpen. Fifty.

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