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So try to do in a case like this Jennifer is that is to put a face on the person who died and so bringing for family members and friends and coworkers to talk about this personalized is the is the most effective way to do that and well done Johns just your motion on the stand said that she still has his number in her phone will occasionally call and Babson mindedly thinking that he's going to pick up she said she still has to come to grips with the death of her brother last year all right well thank you for the update on the trial so far will continue watching this one for sure thanks Jim thank you see you later as ABC's Jim Ryan this is Gail vying K. O. S. C. H. D. to Los Angeles couple of quick stories before we go representatives of the British consulate will be at LA acts today to help people affected by the sudden collapse of the long time travel company Thomas cook it been around since the eighteen hundreds but went kaput yesterday reps will be at LA acts terminal six from nine AM to nine PM the class of Thomas cook stranded about a hundred fifty thousand Brits prompting with the country's calling the largest ever repatriation efforts and the V. P. has broken a tradition more than a hundred years old vice president pence paid a visit to Mackinac Island Michigan and picked up a lot of people there hence rolled his way to a hotel Saturday in an eighty S. U. V. motorcade problem Mackinaw island is one of a handful of places across the U. S. that does not allow automobiles a complete ban of cars on the island was put in place in nineteen oh one after businessman Earl see Anthony took a car there and injured some horses and damaged several carriages fun fact Earl see Anthony was the founder of KFI in nineteen twenty two and only till his death in nineteen sixty one Michael crozier Hey a fine you lick it that.

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