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In the streets of Naperville because north central college won the division three title in the snag bowl cardinals rounded perennial champion Wisconsin whitewater forty one fourteen cardinals let twenty seven nothing at half against the school that had been the title game ten times and won six of the last eleven it was north central thirty ninth title but first in football the comparisons are inevitable and two men will be under the microscope tomorrow night when the bears host the chiefs of course we're talking about Mr Biscayan Padma homes one is already in the great category the other is too busy I think the separator the the the one that separates people is through decision making and so the next couple games just even eye on how his decision making continues to grow with us in good spots and then if there's a play that's I'm not perfect how do we you know keep her from being a a bad play maneki hoping those decisions can elevate the status of his much maligned quarterback more homes is strong for thirty six hundred yards but only in twelve games is average would place him third in the league here the exploits of both quarterbacks during our exclusive coverage from Soldier Field starting at four twenty and WBBM the rate the dot com app Gabriel Massey out Hicks in the book of moral questionable you I see a winner Homer the flames fumigated the editors of UC Irvine seventy six sixty seven the cubs at a reliever though Ryan to Perron gets a two way contract spent the last five years with the blue jays and the service time grievance between Kris Bryant the cubs won't be decided anytime soon could drag on through January which would make trading the third baseman even tougher there are numbered teams interested there's been no further word on the ankle injury suffered by Brandon Saad during the hawks win at Winnipeg but word is she's gonna miss at least a couple of weeks the hawks are Colorado tonight on your home for the bears George often newsradio seven eighty and one oh five point nine FM WBBM news time one forty eight traffic and weather together on the aids here's John centrist things look great on our early Saturday most roads right now Roger all right now on the evenings it's only nineteen minutes between like cook and the Kennedy junction Kennedy clear on both sides twenty minutes either way between here in town town only ten minutes between downtown in the junction Eisenhower incident free only twenty nine minutes either way between three ninety a downtown just sixteen minutes between downtown and Mannheim Stevenson clear on both sides thirty minutes either way between three fifty five in lake shore drive twenty minutes to or from the tri state only ten minutes to or from Cicero I fifty five will county is clear no problems to report on the Ryan fifteen minutes either way between ninety fifth the downtown I fifty seven also incident free fifteen minutes between the Ryan I eighty and this report is clear fifteen minutes between the Rhine in eighteen ninety four lake shore drive northbound and southbound no delays to report will slow on the southbound side of the tri state from North Avenue to I eighty Jane Addams looking good the Reagan is incident free veterans route fifty three three ninety I eighty all clear northwest Indiana eighty ninety four I. ninety four I. sixty five the Indiana toll road and the and the Chicago sky ways all looking good CTA this weekend blueline trains operating on the same track in both directions but in Belmont and California until eight o'clock Sunday night be aware of that and may slow things down a bit on the blue line both directions between Belmont and California our next traffic report at one fifty eight on newsradio seven eighty and one oh five point nine FM the W. B. B. M. accu weather forecaster early this morning partly cloudy skies with areas of freezing fog a low of twenty eight later today turning out mostly sunny a high of forty three tonight mainly clear skies with areas of fog late a low of thirty one Sunday morning fog otherwise partly sunny and mild a high of forty six the average high is only thirty three and for the bears game Sunday evening verses the church are the chiefs partly cloudy skies kickoff temperature near forty right now here thirty six in Waukegan thirty two along the lake front thirty eight degrees WBBM news time one fifty live in local the only station covering the news as it happens all day and all night news radio seven eighty and one oh five point nine FM this year there were many stories.

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