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Ken's an old bridge in New Jersey. 1/1 0.5, Kan. Hi, Steve. Good Anything How you doing today? I'm good. How are you? Uh, doing well, Thank you. I am 1 1000 million% against this. It's against my civil rights of my Children. Civil rights as well as it is. Yes. And in addition to that, the garbage that they put in these vaccines damaging our ourselves our Children. There's It's just such nonsense. There's no reason for this, but they don't have. Ah, vaccine that is, uh, that will take care of the, uh the flu or Hold it or any other thing. It's just absolute garbage, and it's being pushed on us. Has come up with a treatment can, thanks for the call to New Jersey, one on 1.5 come up with the treatment. That's effective something we called it if you come in, and they're worried about the vaccine, because most people won't take the vaccine, and I don't even know if they come up with the vaccine is going to do any good. If you tell me this Kobe vaccine is 99 to 100 per cent In fact, Lee that's one thing but you're not. Better yet take the money with the vaccine and come up with the treatment. If it's hydroxy chlorate point let me then then work that out. Some people say yes, Some people say no on that, depending on who you ask, but still just something If you get it, you come to the store the drugstore and we give you this and they could sheep. You know, maybe make it affordable for everybody. Paul's in Garfield, New Jersey, one on 1.5 highball. Hey, Steve. Well, the reason the excuse of you said they were saying that they don't want the hospital's overrun. With patients, but when called it hit, it wasn't kids who were over running the hospital are overwhelming the hospital It was all the redox. There was people with conditions. So the whole reason of we've got to give all the kids in the back of a flu vaccine. So you know we protect the hospitals. The kids weren't overwhelming the hospitals where you going to do make all the adults now mandatory that they've got to take the vaccine because those two other people who were really overwhelming the hospitals More and more places do that. If you work in health care, you have to get a flu shot, you know? Ah, there are you know, I wouldn't be surprised if this takes off. Then businesses were required to get a flu shot as well. This way. I don't want to risk having a pay Paul when he's out sick, so get a flu shot. And that becomes part of the deal. You know, you don't know where this can You know where this is headed. Colin is in Eatontown, New Jersey, 1/1 0.5 high Colin Ah, Yeah. Good evening. Good evening. Thank you for talking about this. I am against a mandatory flu shot. You know, you had touched briefly on Robert Kennedy Jr. And there's no way I could do justice to what he's done. He had a thing on YouTube called largest theft of the world. Police Watch it. It is incredible documentary. I have to do with vaccines. And you know it's all about money. They have changed it from being a medicine to a biological A biological does not need testing. There's only four companies that produce all the vaccines of the world. If you did 7.5 billion vaccines, which they're hoping to do World Watch for Covitz at 10 Bucks a piece of $75 billion industry. Yeah, on, you know, I know you're pressed for time. Can I touch on one thing? Good monetarily. We're living in a country right now. No matter who you choose for the president, and I'm not taking sides, right? The president of the United States, has asked ABC, CBS CNN, MSNBC, etcetera simply to turn their cameras around and show a crowd at his rallies. And they have refused. The president of the United States show a crowd because it would show popularity. Well, I got to say one thing, though. I mean, in light of the situation that we're in now, if they turn that camera around, and we know we know that when President Trump does a rally, he's got Air Force one behind him in a couple of 1000 people in front of him. That's the way it's been. When Biden does a rally speaks to himself, reading off a teleprompter in a closed room and the excuses Well, you know, he's he's protecting us all from the cove it and Trump saying considered, I mean the problem with his debate. It's going to be like a roast, You know, trouble commands that this this this this and Biden is going to call him a doody head or something? Yeah, Yeah, And then I think you are and it's going to sound so ridiculous. Good has always done so far. Thanks for the quote the New Jersey one on one Boy Jersey.

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