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The way they play him in this episode really they tried to take the essence of what they were going forward and civil war and trying to make it work better here in in in this episode probably in the series or in the season going forward We've taught plenty of times about our problems. Zemo in civil war. And unless you already mentioned that by the year he was essentially useless. I mean he had this whole extravagant. Plan I can him to lex luthor. Mbbs like batman superman. We're gonna fight whether or not he were here. Lex zemo captain. America and fucking ironman. We're gonna fight regardless of your quote unquote interferences. Get out of jesse shave. You handle only did the the comparisons to You know between those two movies Sorry kill you hate to hear this because you love civil war. But the comparison between those two movies are glaring. They both came out of the same year Just a few months apart. use a fantasy of war. Oh that's one of his favorites. Yeah yeah they both feature cores big blockbuster feis between two beloved heroes The cool part be quite. Yeah this is also bydesign though I believe it was kevin five. You said as soon as he learned that brothers doing movie a bbs he was like well. Let's kind of streamline the civil war thing and you know what we're going to raise the stakes. We're gonna paw to chuck and peter party. You're gonna put you in my opinion. Both movies have a really cool moments that ultimately miss the mark And so yeah. That's kind of where our i'm with them but anyways What i do appreciate about this episode at least about zemo in this episode is that while the are doing some subtle. Rick hahn work. At least they're making steps in the right direction. You know like the. They're not resting on the laurels and trying to sell the zemo from civil war. Who was just some dude who was upset that his family got killed. Like this is a zima who is barren who comes from a line of barons. This is who comes from money. Okay this zima. Who was capable this zemo who. I mean the planning structure in this episode. That part is still a little fast and loose for me. Even here But hopefully they'll pursues moving four. We get to see really the kind of strategic. Mind that this man has Because they are leaning towards that and into that. So i do like where this imos headed like this team on this episode way more than the zemo in civil war. Oh.

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