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Now from the cave. Okay newsroom with Taylor Martin. The Iris is warning Americans of a covert related text scam, which involves tricking people into disclosing their bank account information in order receiving economic impact payment. Iris says they will not contact you to verify personal or financial information before issuing those $600 stimulus checks. Thank you, Taylor and a phone call that President Trump made to the Georgia secretary of State getting a lot of attention. Today we go in depth now with Kate because Joe Michaels, who's here to tell us it may not be the kind of attention that the president is looking for any President Donald Trump, pressuring Georgia election officials to overturn results in the Peach state. Well, I want to do is this I just want to find 11,780 Votes, which is one more that we have Trump spending an hour on the phone Saturday with the office of Brad Rapids Burger. You wouldn't want to have an accurate election and you're a Republican. We believe what we do have an accurate election. No, I know you don't know. You know, you know you don't have you don't have not even plus. Mary Beth Boylan, associate Dean at make George School of Law says the president could be in legal trouble. If he knows his claims are true. Your federal laws and there are state laws. New Georgia that Prohibit someone attempting to change the outcome of an already certified election attempt to be encouraging elections officials to alter vote counts and Boylan says the Georgia secretary of state's office has the legal right to record the call Georgia It's a one party consent state, so only one party needs to know will consent to the recording and the secretary of state's office did know and to consent to the recording. Federal laws. Also one party consent. Democratic Congressman John Garamendi says the phone call is yet another example of President Trump waging war against democracy. Once again, we're seeing the president using the extraordinary power of his office to badger and two, I think corruptly change the legitimate certified vote. In Georgia. Garamendi says Congress isn't likely to take action relating to the call. The Congress of the United States does not charge anybody with crimes we can impeach Is this in a peaceable defense? Well, we've got 15 days and Trump will be no longer president is a federal attorney going to take this into account, Possibly Is a state attorney general and Georgia like Meteo, pursue this. I doubt it. Everybody knows that the election is over that Trump will not be president. Two minutes after 12 on January. 20th Republican Congressman Tom McClintock says Trump didn't do himself any favors by making the call. I don't know exactly what he was getting at words aren't exactly his thing, but I mean, clearly undermines his position by making the suggestion that a secretary of state should just find more votes, even if he was being facetious or figurative. The cure for voter fraud is not Morva odor fraud, and you cannot accuse the opposition in manufacturing votes. If you're suggesting doing the same, even if That's not exactly what he meant. My contact doesn't think that call will have a negative effect on the Republican Party as a whole kitty, But he does say it doesn't reflect well on the president. All right. Keep the case. Joe Michael there. Thanks for 50 and kfbk, traffic.

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