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As our service eight Sarah Miller is the editor and I Monique Kobyla this you give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world good evening it is fifty eight degrees at seven o'clock I'm Donavan and here's what's happening went inside to the coronavirus crisis as the number of patients and the death toll both continue to climb Suffolk County has seen its first case now there are reports of a stabbing in Brooklyn may have been a virus related hate crime though the NYPD says they are still investigating after being banned again from the annual St Patrick's day parade in Staten Island the borough was going to see a gay St Patrick's day dance for those were excluded the virus fears are apparently what sparked a fight no market in Australia over toilet paper went accu weather another nice evening clear skies low forty five in midtown but a preview of spring tomorrow high near seventy lots of sunshine this is why we can't beat the bulls in John Paul's first game as head coach selected excel but the distance Florida baseball game to split their squad will limits the Astros wins news time seven oh one in transit before you chop up on the north end of their drive looks like there's an accident in ninety six street I am seeing a bit of a delay it's L. localized delay it really only going back to the eighties but still there it is a little bit sluggish north bend FDR drive is also slow as you make your way from the twenties going up into the sixties looks like that's just a lot of traffic more than anything and queens west bound LA E. expect to see a little slow down from the Kew Gardens entertains to just past queen's Boulevard looks like westbound belts starting to look a lot better a few pockets of slowdowns from JFK expressway down to Pennsylvania Avenue but it's starting to look a lot better here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels at the George Washington bridge give yourself a good ten minutes inbound twenty minutes out family get this ten fifteen in both directions the holidays fifteen to twenty in both directions meanwhile here's what we see on long island's big three quiet roads both directions L. E. north St seven state traffic and transit every ten minutes on the lands and breaking traffic alerts whenever they happen I'm Gloria chop on ten ten wins coronavirus cases continue to grow with some parts of the tri states seeing their first case today first here in the city we're here to Blasio.

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