Spahn Ranch, Manson, Roman Polanski discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


All star the merges he traveled in the early morning hours from the Spahn ranch back to the murder scene to clean off the fingerprints and do some a little bit of hiding out now it sounds outlandish and I believe it's total fiction because Manson knew he was on probation and that if he ever got implicated with fingerprints at the murder house so I think that's total fiction although it is in his book what's going on with Roman Polanski still I mean he is gosh I want Walgreens he now yeah Roman Polanski they did early eighties Roman Polanski golf got fired if you like from the academy of motion picture arts and sciences read the plan if you wanna loss got run the Polanski's pride made him sue earlier this year the academy to get his membership back again so Roman once to an event she is name and thinks that that my me moment that was ran from the country guilty to a blessed enough a a minor basically right yes he did and then the word nor did he go we went to France yeah what he did was he claims that the judge promised the off to the psychiatric examinations that he would then given probation Roman Polanski discovered the judge is going to send him back to prison well when did not want to go back to prison after his ninety day time in jail and so he just did a bank is we say fled to frogs weather is no extradition and that's where he lives today it's amazing that he's still there and what she did what he hasn't done anything as he since his brother he's got a new movie coming out about about the Dreyfus affair the man at the Dreyfus affair the French.

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