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Because we work and i'm speaking for myself because i work in a business of basketball we'll basketball is a recreational sport in most cases but in the nba it's the multi billion dollar business and so you know you can't look at the out of one landing say will basketball anybody can do it you should be able to do x y z no it's real business for you have to be willing and capable thrown in any you know you have to go through through the proper channels and and you know under strides getting there and probably learn a lot because there's so many layers when you when you peel back the business basketball there's so many layers that the naked i can't see so you know uh there was there was the telica a dialogue about where guys wanted to be and doing things for also you know you have to be able to adapt to transition i mean if you if you look at where i started where we started you know and you look at where guys around today there's total separation but there's a togetherness at the same time but there was transition as well this hunger transition and you know i will give everything in the back story because i'm a new something for my own my own um you know what i do a brooklyn movie are wanting to fame or whatever but there's there's the trade official his departed actually people don't really get you know people don't understand that i worked in shoe business for three and a half four years.

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