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Book stacked up on them and so after he spoke with us and took pictures with this on the way out he gave us a toot set of books that was a volume on his presidency and then when i got back to the hotel opened them up and i noticed that they were personally autographed i room with a guy named johnny cox who is a great player at kentucky and so i said johnny open your books in it says to george raveling from harry s truman and it has the date in there and so i i still have those books to this day but the connection that between canaan and truman was that when i was able to get the the original copy of the i have a dream speech from doing the march on washington i put it inside of that book because i knew i'd never throw those ideas how many people can say they have a personally autographed book from the one of the presidency united states and and so that was were that was my my vault and now it's the speeches in evolved but in those days fault was inside the king king amine inside the truman books yeah i wanna get that story and a little bit i'm glad to hear the speeches involved was worried maybe it was under a catch cushion somewhere in the house this episode is sponsored in part by ziprecruiter are you hiring good posting your position to job sites in waiting and waiting for the right people to see not so good pretty lame to get seven thousand or zero applications from nonqualified people and i will say look ziprecruiter learns what you're looking for they get it and identifies people with the.

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