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The you know that seattle school than others have talked openly about wanting to build a seattle light defense through they just go the full ten yards hit say well let's really accelerate this thing by getting an actual member of that seahawks defense even though he's thirty and as you mentioned he's tried to get that achilles back right again yeah and and you know what trained johnson's 28 it's not like you know the easiest and twenty four twenty five year old he's he's been franchise tagged a couple of ties other ram so it's not he's not coming off his his rookie deal so you're not now dealing with spring chicken tear eddie's cornerback spots right so i think that in the case of sherman it's going to be w will he come back from that achilles tear as the same player because you also look at his style of play and i think this is worth noting that in the end it cover three you're looking for big strong cornerback sore normally tall you like the long arms and what they're looking forward to combine who play in that deep zone almost have safe use along the sideline so this is not you know your old school 510 shaw or cornerback whose extremely quick either more physical guys so if possible because the league as kind of evolved into these bigger corners why this is the first real go round that we have to see this maybe their careers do last a little bit longer because quickness is not the ultimate name of the game there it's obviously a huge part of it but but a lot of the cover three corner uh you know prototype is reliant upon size which i think ages a little bit better when you look at the to leave trade um iin on its there's there's cap ramifications in this and that but the guy has been your multiple probowl gone for a fifth round pick amine is at but it needs to mikey you know he directed where he wanted to play the for wade phillips are going to play for bella check what what what went on with that situation yeah i'm not sure just yet but just looking at it from the big picture from.

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