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Year old man allegedly hit for women in the face in downtown Cincinnati late Friday morning fox nineteen reports of the suspect twenty six year old U. kwon crooks allegedly walked up to the victims at separate places and attacked them the locations included wall not race almond pleasant streets and he was reportedly busted in the seventeen hundred block of John street fox nineteen says court documents show crooks had been living at a homeless center for man there's no word on why he allegedly felt the need to hit those women I'm Matt Rees newsradio seven hundred WLW Levin juveniles and one adult were arrested after a large fight broke out in Northgate mall Thursday evening Colerain township police spokesperson James love says around three hundred under age kids broke the balls five PM curfew after responding to a social media invite that said an event was going on the mall that evening at six thirty the fight broke out in the food court before six o'clock love on Friday said that they were stepping up their security for the day we'll be talking to the mall thanks to the future meanwhile we've police are going to be very aggressive group to someone at all the major entrances for the rest of this break the night we will be in the now a piece of paper explaining what we'll be doing and that should be posted on our Facebook page love also said parents need to be more aware of the curfew and not drop their children off at the mall after five o'clock radio seven hundred W. L. W. sports football the national semi finals are set for today the peach bowl will match Ellis you up against Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl.

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