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NewsRadio ten thirty where the news watch never I'm Sam Litzinger. President Trump is directing an American flags be flown at half staff for thirty days to honor the memory former President, George Hw Bush who died last night at age ninety four CBS news. Correspondent Omar Villafranca in Houston condolences soon. Poured in from leaders around the world from the United Kingdom to the Netherlands and Russia. Bill Clinton who beat Bush in the nineteen ninety two presidential election and later shared a close friendship with him said few Americans have been or ever will be able to match President Bush's record of service to the United States Barack Obama road. While our hearts are heavy today. They are also filled with gratitude, the forty third President, George W Bush said in a statement, George H W Bush was a man of the highest character and the best data son or daughter could ask for President Trump praised Bush's character while attending the G twenty summit in Argentina, terrific guy. He'll be missed any level life. Mr. Trump is also designating Wednesdays a national day of mourning the president sat down for a trade show down over dinner with China's president after that Chinese state TV says there will be no additional tariffs after January first negotiations between the two countries will continue no official statement yet from the White House. President Trump is still pressing congress to fund border wall with Mexico, which she'd repeatedly promise that Mexico would pay for. Julia Manchester's a reporter for the hill newspaper, minority leader Chuck Schumer has floated this one point six billion dollar spending deal that would include some concessions for President Trump's immigration policies. However, I think Republicans really want that five billion dollar deal that would include even more funding for barriers and border wall. Democrats take control of the house next month, the Broward County supervisor of elections Brenda Snipes has been suspended from office by Florida's governor Snipes faced sharp criticism over the. Election and recount process during and after the midterm elections. Statutes data set in the state. We take the appropriate kind of training. We are have invested in a lot of equipment. But there are issues that need to be dealt with snipe says she tried to do her work with integrity. Forecasters issued warnings of potential avalanches across the rocky mountains because early winter snows and ongoing storms. Naser dangerous conditions across much of Colorado, north west Wyoming parts of Montana, special advisory has been issued around the communities of Aspen and gunnison. Colorado. Us conditions already rated is considerably dangerous were expected to worsen. This is CBS news..

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