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Fieri. What you're taking away from this, you're missing the point. That you guys very much. I'm saying. I'm here with the comedian behind the joke you just heard Shane Torres. Thank you for joining me. Thank you for having me. been. This is a longtime coping for me. I feel like when I thought of doing this shows like a one off shade on to talk about this show. Today is that day. So let's start from the beginning before even the joke was a flicker near I. What was your? To Guy Fieri. True Sleaze. There wasn't one my I guess I. I would say my relationship was like I absorbed him. Like, a lot of people do kind of. In background for lack of a better, he's Kinda always on TV or is always on the Television or where we run it you know. So I knew he was he's like these. But I? Just. you know like uses kind of. Wild crazy dude but other than that I had. No knowledge that outside the show itself you know I wasn't an avid watcher. So then what what set you off to be like maybe there's something here. Well I would go to shows and everybody had like a Shitty joke about or he was a referential. Like, which I thought was kind of amazing. that. He wasn't reference all the time. You know it's always like is like guy? Fieri. While outlaw reading you know. Marcel prove or whatever what Kinda give all comic still light wherever you know like they just don't get it or whatever but So it was kind of like would. All. Joe's when while not actually saying the same words where the exact same job. Yes. That's kind of where it started I and I never wanted to tell jokes and somebody else could tell So. I guess that that was kind of where it started where were you saw people doing it and knowing that people are doing it all one angle you're like, Oh, if I do the opposite angle, it's like all mine. Yeah Kinda Just easy and I thought will once the other side of it. I guess I'm of the impression. The first thing that comes to your mind in a job or angle on a joke shouldn't be the finished product of which I think is what a lot of that was. In reference to guy. Areas. The King of hot dogs or whatever. So walk me through. Then you have this feeling of like Oh there's an area where are doing anything. to going on stage with something you know what? How much did you go on stage with? What was your process to sort of have something? You know what? What were you thinking when you were like Oh what is my ankle sort of walk me through the sort of thought process to the point where he's sort of got it on stage the first time. I actually. Remember it. Kind of. Yeah. Like pretty vividly. Honestly. Because I was Kinda thinking on it just doing the coffee shop thing. That where you just Kinda sit in a coffee shop for four hours. Everybody Wants Cup of coffee. Yes. That would like kind of like read like ozone use the bathroom ten. Islands homeless. but. I don't know if you know Jerry Levin Baugh sounds familiar he used to with West. Yes Yep and Germany's a buddy of mine. Do you WanNa do last night and I was like yeah and I was done a few times had done well on it but I was like I had to bring some new eight knows I guess I'll just try this and I was thinking about what if the? The angle in the bid is that He literally hasn't done anything wrong. That's kind of were. Like. I went up. And it was like it was at I was just a one liner. Where just go like I would come out in I. Guess kept this part of the bit. Can someone please explain to me. What the fuck. Guys Eerie ever did to anyone that was kind of juggle. And then I was end of line was like because I as far as I can tell all we ever did was followed his traits and then. It got a huge pop. Yeah and then like there was Canada's if I don't know if this is true or I'm you know. Blowing smoke up my own ass but I felt like they want more. Like and it was like, okay I have to go right this job. Midst that you're like I gotta go I did. Like don't worry apple towels up next. West, which is actually what happened. you know I love to turn the PUNCHBOWL for Hollywood's biggest director to pick up. That's how it actually the first started because I. I was like, Oh, there's more to it. Yeah. So so did the next up doing research or you're like Oh, let me actually find out more about this person is that what you're thinking was What do you? Feel, there is a version where you just sort of like. Talk about even just the idea of him and be like this seems fine like what made you I'm going to do research, and then what was it like doing that research the information I do in the bit or I give out in the bit. UNFOLDED RATHER QUICKLY If you Google guy you're going to be like, it won't add. There's no like more information about him will be uploaded to the Internet in a day that you get through in a lifetime. Yeah. So then you're like, you're picking choosing from the list of good deeds and then I imagine when you found that that Pretzel making thing you're like, well, that is already as if someone wrote the joke for me. In date yeah. The thing that I found is sort of like re did your research I just wanted to see like more information and Because the gay wedding one I mean as I'm sure you know it's not like he officiated one gay wedding it wasn't his cousin who's always been close to. Officiated one hundred, one gay weddings. In in tribute to his his sister, who was who was a lesbian who passed away like it's like not like can you talk about? Decision not to like give all the information about that gay wedding you're like this is enough. Truly. I didn't know. I had heard this but I know she had passed away. Last over. But I point out that it's so funny. It's such a Guy Vieri, thing for him to do. A hundred one and not just a hundred. Kids like. He's the like it's like a miniature skirts and it was risk for. One hundred one tower not one hundred but. I. I. Would Not Giving all the information about it is I think part of it was just word economy, inefficiency..

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