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L. A county sheriff Alex Villanueva to step down. He has shown himself to be In almost every way. A rogue sheriff kills Commons come on the heels of calls for resignation from some members of the sheriff's civilian oversight Commission chair Patti Gig in, says the panel should consider a vote of no confidence. The sheriff's department that did not have the leader it deserves. Tool, agrees He does not follow any of the rules, and that means city in a strange way. His behavior is the greatest threat to public safety. She cites being Weber's decision to re hire deputies fired for misconduct and defy subpoenas issued By department watchdogs, among other issues. In a statement, supervisor Katherine Barker says it took courage for commissioner Robert Bonner to make the first request for the weather to go. She insist Bonner has the best interests of all the residents of Los Angeles County in mind. There's a fine line between being Wash dog in attacked off political tacked off the Innova argues the oversight commission crossed that line a long time ago. He says he's going to move on and continue serving the community. The sheriff is an elected official. Kyul says she and her colleagues might want to explore with County Council what options they have, if any. Claudia Pescatore can x 10 70 NewsRadio Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas tweeted that he remains deeply troubled by the sheriff's conduct, ending its message by saying it is time for the sheriff's department held a news conference on the deadly shooting by deputies of a black bicyclist last month in the Southland area. Homicide captain Ken Wagner says Dijon kissy ran from officers with a gun concealed in clothing and then took it into his hands. During the struggle, Kisses pistol fell to the ground between him and the deputy. At this moment, the deputies saw the gun and drew their pistols as kids. He stopped. Went over, reached back and picked up the pistol. Each deputy fired ATT kizzie, striking him several times in the torso, causing the gun to again fall to the ground. Captain Waggoner says of the gun had been stolen from Las Vegas home video on Kisses phones show him in possession of the gun in the days before the deadly shooting. A bobcat fire has burned more than 55,000 acres. And now an evacuation warning has been issued for the city of right. Would that northern edge of the fire still being pushed by winds out of the west community, such as Juniper Hills Devils Punch bowl in Paradise Springs have already been evacuated areas leading up the right water filled with trees and other heavy growth ready to burn. Angeles Forest spokesperson Andrew Mitchell says it's 10 miles or more in distance. From the leading edge of the fire to the city limits. No one could say how long it would take for the fire to cover that space. But.

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