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Are we being visited not they're out there? They're not out there. What do you think? Yes. To all of those. I think that. People are experiencing especially with the closer encounter cases. They're experiencing only a a fraction of what's actually going on with them. I know that's not particularly satisfactory answer. When I started. I thought the same thing that most people that were Ufology enthusiasts thought that they were visitors from well at that time Mars was still considered remote spot, right? Yeah. Well, it was a spot in the sky that looked red. And you could see these canals which strangely disappear when you get up close, which is an interesting thing in and of itself. But are there extraterrestrial visitors possible? Absolutely, do I think that that is where the UFO cases are coming from. Absolutely not. Because of what I mentioned before. I think that the notion that we're being visited from else where is probably better phrased as we're being visited from else else. What which means I think that we are so close to other dimensional structures other membranes that are totally different from our own. It's much more likely that you foes, and the beings that are associated with them and quipped, it's and. Go send a number of other phenomena are are actually coming from a much closer to us than than let's say from alpha centauri would be the most credible place because that's four light years away. And it's conceivable that they must've learned how to bend space and time. Well, yeah, they would have to be in space and time, and if you've been space and time, then you're talking about dimensional things. And if you're talking about energy things, you're already conceding the point that there are inter dimensional space. You know, if you you can't just blithely do a Star Trek thing and say, oh, we go into hyperspace. What is hyper space? I mean, I I understand the term. But but it basically means that there are shortcuts outside of the universe as we understand the universe wealth. There are and that enables. Extraterrestrial travel. It also means that energy will travel from a much closer source is entirely possible. One of the things that has puzzled me over the years. Georgia's is that at the very beginning of Ufology, and I don't go go back quite that far. I got actively involved in nineteen sixty of course, it was about fifteen years before that that the the awareness of the US phenomenon came to public view as we now understand it. I think it's as old as the earth, actually. The first thing that people said other than all these are just conventional phenomena that are misunderstood are hoaxes or otherwise explained in conventional terms kinda the Cy cop. Explanation for things the first thing that people jump to was belief in flying saucers from other worlds. And I wonder why the leap immediately to that. There isn't any clear reason, no one has ever seen a UFO traveling from another planet. They're all seen here or very close to the earth. And that suggests to me that they are a product of our own environment. Do I think that there's a conventional explanation for absolutely not? No, I think there is a very very unconventional explanation, and I sort of alluded to that. And the fact is most of the nuts and bolts Ufologists, they pull their hair out when they hear about that. Because they're they're convinced that these machines very like the Mars Rovers only a little more advanced than that. And that they are from elsewhere in the known universe and for for the life of me. I don't understand why that particular leap, I also wonder about the term belief in that context. Belief doesn't fit into my picture of the subject at all. I can check sure I hypothesize, but belief is something that seems to be out of the religious universe. And there's nothing wrong with religious universe. But that's why the psychologist Carl. Young was interested in in you, foes, it's not that he thought that they didn't have some kind of objective existence, but the excitement over it was clearly a new era belief system and with all of the trappings of a new religion. I kind of expected that it would become that and four few people it has. But I think we need to look beyond the ETA the extraterrestrial hypothesis into things like inter dimensional transfers that take place, and if that also leads to some notion that there's a way to skip space even between star systems even between galaxies. Because. Distance is no object. If you're talking about some sort of outside of the universe property, which you can go into and then come out of where you want to which is really what what people are talking about the hypothesized that then maybe two or the same thing inclination is to think, hey, we're here they're here. So why think of them as being from you know, a galaxy far far away. They don't need to be. You've investigated men in black situations who or what are they? Well, there there are a few cases mostly from the nineteen fifties. This is a very key point, by the way that I think because of the nineteen Fifty-three CIA panel on UFO's that concluded. It really wasn't looking into whether they were real or not whatever you defined as real they were more concerned about the fact that in the the July nineteen fifty two cases, which by the way was the first one I've ever heard about which was my father saying block saucers over the Pentagon. And that just that was a great story. My little six year old ears. You know? So I must've been born in into you follow are on the reincarnation of a previous ufologist, but in any case in all seriousness. I think that the CIA panel was most concerned about the fact that all of the warning systems that we had to protect us from the Soviet attack. Whether such was actually in the works or not were overridden, by UFO cases during that that period the filter centers for the. Civilian the ground observer corps, which was a civilian thing to spot enemy bombers or something that was you know, I it's dated now. But was was a useful tool back then and the the the call centers that were receiving information on anything that was an identified like, whether it was a bomber or whether it was a craft from alpha centauri, or whatever it was. Jammed every if we had been attacked that. Weekend. It would have been a surprise attack. And we would have been caught off guard because the phone lines are jam radar was looking for flying saucers rather than for. So the CIA concluded that private UFO organizations, and you have to be, you know, nineteen fifties. Think here to understand the involved, but UFO private organizations could be infiltrated by communist agents. I know this sounds a little weird. Oh, yeah. But this is you know, this is the CIA nineteen fifty two which is still relevant. There was a communist under every rock. Yes. The communists under the rock where parents interested in flying saucer groups in order to generate fake UFO reports in order to to duplicate the jam up that took place in July fifty two over DC. And because the CIA said that they recommended that the government break up private UFO groups shortly after that. A number of private UFO groups were visited by intimidating people who they interpreted or later people like my late friend gray Barker interpreted as the men in black the problem with that theory. If you carry it forward is first of all we're not in that kind of era anymore. The CIA panel was you know, I was probably was before you were born six at the time. I it's it's not relevant now. But the men in black keep showing up, and in fact, as I've delved into it. There are men in black cases going back to two. Entity. So clearly that wasn't the CIA recommendations that that government agents scare other scarier private Ufologists out of business. Also, most of the witnesses to minute block cases are not Ufologists. They are. In fact, witnesses either to UFO cases, or cryptic cases are some other strange phenomena and a few days later, the black-eyed kids show up at their door. Slender men shows up or classically the three men in black. When I look at this in depth naturally. I turned to the Albert bender case, which tell us that. Well, okay. So bender was from Bridgeport, Connecticut, he just passed on very recently. He was World War Two vet had an interest in science fiction. He also had an interest in flying saucers. And he set up the believe it was called the international flying saucer bureau, it came and went before my time. But. Unknown to most of the people who have had something to say about his case. And he's practically every traditional book on UFO's talks about it for starting with gray Barker's, they knew too much about flying saucers, which was published. Just a couple of years later. I believe in the nineteen fifty six if I remember, right and keel who I also knew very well. And and practically everybody has has mentioned that case if they're at all involved in this. They talk about as if he were bender was investigating UFO's with this probably two hundred member. If that flying saucer group got visited by people who scared the bejesus out of him, and he shut down the bureau and would not talk about your foes ever again, supposedly he wrote a book called flying saucers in the three men some years later, but he didn't write it gray Barker wrote, it it was got credit for I guess. Well, Barker didn't get credit for it. But he credited bender with it because it was bender story. But as as as published by gray Barker, and gray was a profound. And if you some libel suits, maybe would make the media start checking their sources before they run with everything. Yes. I absolutely. I'm not big on saving people for especially when it comes to public media. I've heard that I'm not I don't think you should at all. But in this case, it was so agree GIS? And it was on a children. Really? I mean, these riches still children, and and the fact that such a false narratives that will that still follow them. That's do college applications. They'll have to do job her name. We'll be good goals. And these you know, these terrible things that people said about them. We'll we'll pop up. So I have -solutely think they should sue them. And I hope that they get their their. That's. Because that was one of the worst things I have ever seen media. Do doesn't care. What your age is? If you're wearing a mega hat. Thanks for joining us this morning. 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