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Okay good Hiba. What kind of angle is more than ninety degrees but less than one hundred and eighty degrees acute? ooh that was incorrect and is an obtuse angle I was. I was bad at geometry that was that was really my school weakness now. See I've heard geometry. You're either good at geometry trigonometry or you're good at like calculus. It's one or the other. I mean they're both forms of math. I would assume many people are good at both or bedpost. Please stop making fun of Akiva that just because he said he wasn't good at something you don't have to keep talking about it. Yeah yes upbringing. Follow up questions. If it keeps us he can't do something. Area Rob is it rob is really he's mad about about about everyone you know He liked it better for the first five years when people were just always making fun of me with no recourse. Oh well you know. This is really good thing that this is not a Seinfeld quiz. Because I I have watched like two episodes Kramer poster though. Oh Mattie has a shirt with Kramer wearing the Red Hat George George. Excuse me George wearing the rat come on ACCUA. Sorry okay nervous about the game all right. Yeah all right what category would you like to do. maybe okay. Let's see how it goes all right. The ratio of girls to boys at a podcast in convention and is three girls. Two boys there were twelve boys. So how many girls were there. He will beat the question. Sure at a podcast in convention the ratio of girls to boys was three girls to two boys. There were twelve twelve boys. How many girls were there? I'm going to the wrong. podcasts conventions Akilah this has to be like it has to be my favorite murder. I think it's the only podcast. This is possible. I believe I'm more happy that there is an official question that definitely had the wording podcasting convention there starting to feel like this question. It's easier to figure out when you're looking at it Mhm Oh we should play like five points joints right. Yeah what is your should we played till I mean. WH The only thing is this the the point. The questions are each worth a certain number of points Um Yeah so if you want because we don't do every single question but you can pick sort of thing in the middle so if you WANNA like after one more round maybe do the spelling thing you you figured. Yeah I don't know okay. Yeah the answer that when his eighteen. But that's a easier to see when you get. You need your scrap grab paper for that one. I think. Yeah definitely All right so one more question and we'll go to this spelling round So matty what category would you like them to views on the Fox. Grab perfect right. Yeah Yes we're Rob Rob. What is the fitness Grand Pacer test? What is the fitness gram? Hey Sir test I'll fitness Graham Pacer Test is it an APP. Wow It isn't is definitely not an APP. Oh yes you did you when you were in like a gym class or P E did you ever have to run the mile. Yes so after a while they stopped doing that Most of the time they switched it to the Pacer test so it is a shuttle run that is testing your endurance. As opposed to just running a mile I thought fitness Graham was like like a hash tag. That people were using on instagram. Oh Yeah that makes sense rob. I cannot know this either and she may have made this up. Even I'll not made it up. This is also another great name so you should also look that okay. Why matty you do the fitness Grand Pacer Test Yes okay Jackpot? I was really afraid. That was just a Virginia thing. Okay awesome okay. Great all right well then so now we have a bonus spelling round here so so you are each going to get a spelling word. Well I guess we'll get to so we can do this here. Okay Okay so so. Let's start with Akiva Akiva. Can you spell diminutive okay. Now this is one of those words. That's probably easier to spell bell with paper or or computer. All Right Diminutive D I am I and you. Ti is their next to I on there. Maybe that is correct. Okay oh well yeah. Yeah that was that like some kind of strategy with the lumping the first two in the second two words together and then real never really asked the spell words out loud. I am the spelling bee in many years. I don't know many. Have you ever been in a spelling bee now. Yeah it's It used to be a joke that I would do it. Because I'm a terrible terrible speller so I was usually get out. I continue with that enter spelling bees as a joke mass to be the first one right. yeah in my friends would come out and watch and I usually get out on like the first word so it was pretty fun all right. Mattie your word is Calculus Oculus C. L. C. E. O. U. S. That is incorrect. Calculus has to use. Seal C. U. L. US those clothes and that's a tough also because she isn't six rate so she definitely has not learned. Calculus Is a sixth grade spelling words though. Interestingly Okay Okay John Okay and rob. Younger word is hilarious. Okay Hilarious H.. I L. A. R. I O.. Oh U. S. hilarious. Yes I would have been hilarious if you ask for it in the sentence though language of origin please. They didn't give me that they give me the part of speech and the definition although you know if this was definitely like some people out there right now who like if you were asking what was like girlfriend. Big Brother who didn't reports the speech. Oh this this would have been ready. You don't watch big brother do I do you do do you like that better than survivor. Now acts the Bible better. Okay yeah all right all right Okay so that was the first spelling round here. which now has the score at a Tie of three three P. Zero no rob. You got your point right. Yeah Yeah I had already factored in that. You'RE GONNA spell hilarious wrong but a- well. Why did you factor in that is going to spell it wrong? Is that my reputation. I'm a terrible speller. We set the PODCAST. I Great Speller. How often are you A? How often are you writing? I don't know yeah a good speller but he did say last week is not a good Speller Speller not a great student. I don't apply myself. That's sad teacher. said he had a lot of potential. Yeah stay in in school matter. You don't you. Don't WanNa go down the road I did okay yeah. Ra so now coming into the second round of this game Robin Keever. I bet you get to pick a category for matty okay Do English sure. Okay English Let's see matty can you. What name any of the five parts of story The introduction yes conclusion.

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