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Claremont institute one of my favorite thing tanks their review is one of my favorite magazines thank you for coming on i hope you come back and talk again thank you look forward to coming back all right before we go to sexual follies i just have to say that this tire rescue they pulled those thirteen twelve kids in their coach out of the out of the caves just an amazing act of heroism one of the thai navy seal some gounon died in the effort i have been spunky mostly against my will because it is the most terrifying and uncomfortable experience belongings cave exploring and be trapped underground and a cave truly a nightmare i mean i've never experienced darkness until you've been underground cave and turned off your headlamp when they talk about you can't see your hand in front of your face you cannot see your hand in front of your face that's how dark it is and you're underground scary incredible heroism incredibly good news that they got him up sexual follies so i don't sometimes the world is so corrupted it just becomes hilarious it's probably this is probably not one of my best personality traits that i find the other corruption of the human race kind of a hilarious sometimes here's pedophile cz are moving to be included in the lgbt community which i think is great they can call it the lgbt m community will be lesbian gay bi trans and monsters destroyed the lives of children for their own sexual gratification that's going to really increase the love that people feel for lgbt p l l g bt people this is this new thing that re pedophile rebranding themselves as maps or minor attracted persons in an effort to gain acceptance and be included in the community this is what they call in philosophy a category error and i think it is part of the category era of declaring that gay or lesbian or by identity it is not your identity is something that you desire something you do and it is open to being judged by other people just like all the things that you desire to open to being judged by other people if i desire to steal something out of your store and i still something out of your store you are allowed to say oh that was wrong you shouldn't do that you shouldn't desire i can't you can't may not be able to help design it but you shouldn't do it you or allowed to judge what people do and that includes being gay we have discussions on the show arguments on the show about the morality of being gay all the time that is an open discussion because people are doing things and when you do things you can be judged i have i do not i'm not without sympathy for people who are attracted to things that they cannot or should not have i think that must be a terrible terrible experience we know how powerful the sexual urges if you were tracked to children that is just i mean the the self hatred and and compulsion must be terrible to deal with too bad too bad you gotta deal with it got to do the right thing you have to and if you don't you you are you or a monster it is not your identity it is something you wanted as a a stitch a glitch in your system and something you want that you should not want and should not have any should not be identify yourself with that that's what i have to say about all right we'll be back tomorrow with the mauban get your questions in we can answer them and solve all your problems what do you need your problems for send them in we'll get rid of them i'm andrew claybin this is the andrew claybin show the andrew klavan show is produced by robert stirling executive producer jeremy boring senior producer jonathan hey our supervising producer is mathis glover and our technical producer is austin stevens edited by emily gye audio is mixed by mike corinna hair and makeup is by jessica olvera the andrew klavan show is a daily wire forward publishing production copyright forward publishing twenty eighteen

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