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To help in people's quest to sort of reclaim their data and become a more private person is it advisable to use those kind of services do they work they were depending on what kind of time horizon you're working with so service that for example promises to scrub you from people find your sites may indeed be able to achieve that goal but it might be only a matter of time until the information resurfaces on you on those sites so i think there's a reason that a lot of services that promise to help you are subscription models you have to pay for this service now italy once but continually to really be confident that you are achieving that privacy goal of scrubbing your information it's so important to remember that for most people they will not have the money to sign up for that kind of subscription for a long amount of time and if they don't wanna pay the cash and let the services do it they also don't have the time to go through this cest like task jenny gephardt is a researcher at the electron frontier foundation those subscription services for removing personal information they could cost hundreds or even thousands a year i'm john gordon and that's marketplace tech this is a pm hey there it's molly wood here as a nonprofit news organization marketplace is on a mission to increase economic intelligence across the country and with your support we'll keep doing more to help people understand the business behind the technology that's rewiring our lives for as little as five dollars a month consider signing up as a marketplace investor it's a way to directly support independent reporting in journalism you trust donate today at marketplace dot org and thank you this marketplace podcast is brought to you by atlanta monster a new podcast that reexamines the nearly forty year old mystery surrounding the atlanta child murders re interviewing witnesses and speaking with experts and victims families the show is hosted by atlanta filmmaker pain lindsey who also hosts the breakthrough podcast up and vanished and jointly produced with how stuff works and tender foot tv atlanta monster aims to tell the true story of one of the city's darkest secrets available wherever.

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