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The bear is hold sole possession of the first place in the NFC North at five and one. They're off Sunday face the Rams at Ella in prime time Monday night Football and the WG and forecast Steady rain, the potential for thunderstorms this up going overnight down 48 degrees. Tomorrow's high temperatures will range from the low seventies north of city to upper 70, south of the city. We'll see showers and storms early. Then we dry out. We're expecting more rain to come our way as a cold front pushes into the area Thursday night into Friday. Friday's high temperature 65 teams will be falling during the day. But it's a Saturday we're in between systems. Partly cloudy high temps in the low fifties WG and meteorologist Beatrice Ivory and I'm Vic Vaughn on Chicago's very own 7, 20, WG and Order. Continue. Ms Garner with the capital one venture card. You were an unlimited double miles on every purchase every day. Objection. My credit card doesn't earn double miles on every purchase. I object to your objection with the capital One venture card. You were an unlimited double miles on every purchase order and right now earn 100,000 bonus miles. When you spend $20,000 in your first year, I don't know it. No further questions, Your Honor, We'll just one. What's in your wildlife. Limited time. Offer terms. Apply C Capital one dot com for details. Does this place look haunted? No, I don't think so. What about those two creepy girls? Constant Amy pass that is truly frightening. You know what's really scary. Missing out of diapers. Great service. You get 24 7 Access rising stagings. Thank you. Creepy girls room to sleep in the car now. Happy Geico. We'd switch today for 24 7 accessed a licensed agents. Introducing touch free payments from papal the safe way to pay whatever you're looking for, whether it's Ah, morning pick me up. Ah! Ah, fresh haircut. Oh, it's great or someone to fix that leak. Papal touch.

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