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Hey it's bill simmons the nfl playoffs are in full swing in the ringer nfl show has you covered for all your pro football needs send in ache get michael lombardi entat frazier's rapid reactions on gm street on tuesday's the wringer nfl show the robber maize kevin clark and regular guest dany kelly breakdown all the biggest angles on wednesday gm street again on thursday clark mazen danny back at it again and on friday gm streets friday focus gives you all the and say you need for gambling fantasy and everything else don't forget about my podcast two on monday's the bs pack as cousin sound i playing guests alliance more importantly the wringer nfl show subscribe right now on apple podcast spotify or wherever you get your podcasts nick brown well gum to ringer university yet mining dan glickman of an editor for the ringer dot com and i would just like to take this moment to say too alabama did the damn thing georgia twenty six to twenty three in overtime win the programmes v fifth national title since nick sabin took over in tuscaloosa in joining me to help break it all down having just returned from seemed the game live in atlanta it's roger sherman roger what was the lake like watching one of the greatest championship games we've ever seen live in person i mean that was enemies experience i mean i got to be on the field for the last few minutes of the game and for the gamewinning touchdown in overtime if you go back and watch this guy came video you can see me running onto the field the players look the it was such a strange game in such an awesome comeback and so it was great for me 'cause i got to be there and it was great for you because to a tug ovalles loa who you have been talking about all season long in spite of the fact that he was just a backup quarterback not expected to play any time you spend all year.

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