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The phone number eight five five two one two four two two seven Twitter D. eight on CBS. when did it okay speak call may quote unquote genius an offense of genius is what he was hailed as a guide you can see the quarterback because he has the best front man wing man whatever you wanna call them of all time and Peyton manning out just about paid man I could even tell you allegations agent is but it could be paid many because anytime you get tired because Peyton manning vouch for him and then words Peyton manning hold power in this league frankly I have to question Peyton manning now as far as what does he see in Adam gase. last night was so gross and. this NFL seasons already get rocky real rocky forget even the patriots part of things. who wants to celebrate NFL one hundred. with teddy Bridgewater Luke Falk. Gardner G. and Mason Rudolph because this is what we're talking about and there's a lot of Steelers games coming up on prime time what's this week's Thursday night Titans jags garner mean shoe versus the Titans main shoe versus Mariota coming up then Monday night the Chicago Washington that's a true biz ski versus case Keenum big time big time Monday night and we have multiple Mason Rudolph coming up here on prime time because the Steelers are always very popular in prime time now they don't have big band week for Sunday night you get the teddy Bridgewater saints facing the cowboys what. with the patriots hoisting aborted postseasons all over. Oilers Canucks preseason last night get on board get me to the AFC title game the whole. all right so when we come back this dealer lose big band for the season and pull off a big trade the trade away a first round draft pick. for a defensive player..

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