Colorado, John Morrison, Brookfield discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Go see coming up on Colorado's morning news a new law interstate forcing doctors to be more transparent with patients when something goes wrong what that conversation next drive the right now with John Morrison restarting unless well the toll road south east bound eve for seventy jammed up from highway eighty five you gotta crashed after I. seventy six approaching a hundred twenty of the jamming up on the northeast side up near bar lake heavy traffic on the boulder turnpike right around Brookfield for church ranch Brookfield McCaslin getting older all the westbound side east bell looks good there is a construction of the boulder turnpike I just noticed left lane is closed westbound thirty six right near federal force of construction sun glare is a big problem this morning for us down here for down all of our eastbound route end up in the high country to were east of I seventy is closed right now at the bottom of Floyd hill use U. S. six instead to get around that closure it's because of sun glare I checked in on that water main break caused down south on Colorado it's for real no factor to your drive as you make your way down toward I twenty five so that's better heavy drive between dell dell the tech center both sides by twenty five real heavy here this morning looks like that ramp cries from cell but I twenty five to two seventy is still slowing you down this report is sponsored by Comcast business every day Comcast business is helping businesses big and small go beyond the expected to do the extraordinary that goes beyond a simple transaction there's a making a customer for life Comcast business beyond fest take your business beyond the Comcast business dot com next update ten minutes on gateway eight fifty a a ninety four one of them waiting for Black Friday deals to drop not anymore at Best Buy Black Friday prices are happening now save up to forty percent of the plans.

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