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Here. This is all because of the hatred that the dotard and the racism I do Todd has has given us thank God that he's gone, but I love that Boris, you know the leader in England came out and said, thank God. Thank God that we now have you know, America is back as the leader of the Free World and on that note. Let me bring in author of American kompromat, I'm go to the program. Hello Greg. Hi John. Good to see you. It's great to have you on and you know, and you just saw it. I guess my mother says another 91 year old Asian man has been assaulted and Craig. This is all the result of the hatred that Donald Trump's fuse you agree. Absolutely. It's unbelievable what he's done. It's like he picked a scab off of all the ugly parts of our history and all the hatred came spewing out. Yeah, and it's just like faiths and it's not only the Asian Community. It's also the Muslim Community, you know has has suffered hate crimes. It's all the hatred that he did and it's amazing a president wage. To be a leader, you know, he's not supposed to be a hater. But yet with Donald Trump, that's what we got. He he it's it's a real ugly dog chapter in American history. And I don't think it's over yet. I mean a lot of it. What I go into is what how it all started really how he got started and his relationship with the Russians and it goes back decades and decades and while he's out of the White House now, the Russians are still the corruption that he allowed to happen under his watch. It's still here and it's off every day. We see the hacking stuff going on and I think we haven't really haven't gotten to the bottom of that at all. Its massive. Yeah now I want to get cuz I'm first of all thank you so much for doing this show and it was from Lincoln's Bible that you recommended that I have you on and I know I think you did one of my guests Cheri Jacobus off. As well. Yes, I just did that. It was a lot of fun. Yeah, I love Sherry. So explain cuz this is a really interesting story. So I'm going to let you explain it to everybody off the book American kompromat is available in bookstores. Yes and Amazon and all all the regular places you buy books. All right, so explain to me how you got into this. And what research did you do down in writing this book? Right? Well, I I this is my second book on Trump and Russia and so in the course of doing it, I really I think you can't really understand something unless you go back to the beginning and in the course of doing these two books. I've interviewed lots of FBI CIA people, but this time I got to KGB officers who talked to me on the record and I could have dozens and dozens of hours of interviews with them. And one of them is named your age fits. He was a major in the KGB in naija. And eighties he was based in Washington DC where you recruited Americans to spy for the Soviet Union. This was the height of the Cold War and while he was there on the New York station of the KGB was recruiting Donald Trump and what we've heard is again, and again, the top intelligence officials have said we think Trump is not an asset or something like that then and and newscasters say what does Putin have on and why why is he doing all this for Russia? So I wanted to go back and get the answers to that page and with the help of this KGB agent. I think it was able to do that and trace it back to events starting in nineteen. Eighty when Trump was just getting started. He was developing the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York, which was his first big big success and he needed to buy TV sets for the hotel. And he ended up going to an electronics store run by Soviet immigrants. That was really a front for the KGB and that's how it all started off. Wow. Now now I know I think I know what your answer is going to be but please tell us why Trump, why did the KGB mean pinpoint him to be their Mark? Right? Well one is but it wasn't as if they had this grand plan that forty years from now. He's going to be president and all that. That's not what happened. The KGB was going after everybody in America. They would recruit hundreds of Spas, but they often went after influential business people. There was a great oil Baron and industrialist named Armand Hammer who had all these lucrative or sessions with the Soviet Union and he was an American who was sort of a tied to so to the KGB as well. But by this time he was nearly ninety years old and they needed a replacement birth. And Trump was just an influential businessman. But when I I talked to urie's fits the KGB agent. He said Trump was the ideal Target. You wanted someone who was vain narcissistic not terribly smart you could play it was exactly the perfect Mark and it's true. And I mean if you think about it, I'm old enough to remember the Cold War but this is we're going back to the early and mid eighties and believe me under communism. The Soviets did not want a Monumental capitalism in Red Square next to the Kremlin, but with trunk they could play with his vanity and narcissism and he bought it instantly and said, wow, I'm going to page the Trump Tower Moscow when they had absolutely no intention..

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