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Oh man now that's the best like oh keep it this is the best episode ever couple for new japan kenny omega and kazuko kadar set for the fourth match and their claim series it's two out of three falls noti'm limit seemed like it's kenny's time to finally get the id so excited i think he's going to win then i think i'm excited sorry if she's gonna win jiwon and then it's golden love of us goes golden love at wrestle kingdom on i'm going to like not be ok and i might have to go joe 'cause like it was the whole thing was good the whole pay view was good this week i watched this i really enjoyed it still excited i wanted to stop and cold storytelling ask you something because the last i checked in with new japan's stuff was wrestlemainia weekend where cody and kenny yes at their maso is that story over no it's still a story so what happened this weekend was they had a five on five like oh gee bullet club buses new to sweetie yes and then at the end they all made up except cody kenny bucci weren't pop but the bucks and mati in hangman everyone like yes they fall in and everyone like that was like oh they're all friends again yeah but the cody kenny thing isn't resolved i feel like that's going to resolve all in i think that's going to happen at all in which is september labor day weekend.

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