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From ABC news time Chuck rich in Chicago police say accurate jussie smollet could face charges for his alleged attack. After three weeks of investigation into his claim of being attacked Chicago police said they've now classified jussie smollet as a suspect in the filing of a false report. Police also said detectives were presenting evidence to a grand jury smelled. I told police he was walking home January twenty ninth when two men hurled racist and homophobic slurs and put a noose around his neck, Illinois law makes it a crime to tell police in offense has been committed. When in fact, it's known at the time. There was no such offence. ABC's? Aaron Katersky smell it hasn't commented yet, but has repeatedly stood by his account. Federal officials say a Coast Guard Lieutenant charged with gun and drug charges was planning a major attack on civilians prominent congressional Democrats activists and media personalities the FBI calls forty nine year old Christopher Harrison, a domestic terrorist with racist views hate groups in America. Are growing the number of hate groups in the US in two thousand eighteen rose seven percent over the year before reaching a record one thousand twenty groups according to the southern poverty law center's year in hate and extremism reports during this last year, we've seen a huge jump in the number of white nationalist groups. Heidi by Rick with SP L see says, they found a nearly fifty percent increase in the number of white nationalist groups. They also found a rise in black nationalist groups, which jumped thirteen percent between two thousand seventeen and twenty eighteen Mark Remillard, ABC news in the wake of a botched drug raid last month where two people were killed Houston police chief art Esa veto says the FBI has launched a civil rights investigation into the conduct of officers were not about leaving stones unturned. We leave. We take every stone. We look what's under it. And we seek the truth. We were soldiers of the law, and we're committed a constitution policing. And that's what we're doing an officer falsified documents to justify the raid. Prosecutors say fourteen hundred cases involving that officer or under review. You're listening to ABC news. News Radio six ten WTVN. Allison wyatt. He says.

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