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Today. Do you know what time evidence our time is it. It is time for my mom. Min- malachi and twix senate Me my dog. Twix twix is a miniature pinscher. He is twelve years old. Who is a brown dole. Kind of likes to play malachi malachi. Yeah now you know what i like about that. That's a few seconds. Yeah you need because you got to get back in there. You gotta get back in there and play with twitter. Exactly i really. That's something. I don't think we've talked about enough on this as my mom does not have to be a minute can not you know. It's a cap not a requirement yet. Absolutely perfect now. Twelve year old dog sometimes likes to play. Yes absolutely. that's i respect that malachi is respecting their boundaries. Yes also i liked many pincher brown dog in case you're like i can't quite get the visual on it. Alya small brown dariga. God if i know mallika nothing could do anticipate your questions. Yes what can brown dog very yet. While senior took care of it. And i it and malachi also correct the seacrest out. We haven't been using it enough. We answered net kristen there. But your name out you get the heck out of there. We'd love it love it. We love it. That honestly alexis. Do you think we can sort of run this up the flagpole to people who are thinking about doing my minute to do a signature ending right. Yeah yeah i would love more sign offs. Yeah we don't give us it and it's hard. I do think it's difficult. I'm going to call it an esa gonna call my not minutes an essay. It's it's always difficult to end an essay and especially this one because it is you know your own voice and you're like well. How do i end this about this thing that i love so much. What do i say in conclusion but yeah maybe give yourself a little A little sign off. Don't have to worry about it. You can add mid sentence if you just throw your asking easy. Yes exactly. I want to words. You love it if somebody was just like. Oh you wanna signs. Oh you wanna sign off. Where what are they. What could they do. Where did they go. What do they do. They record their my minute on their phone. Your computer would've recording device you have and then email it to us at. Can i pet your dog podcasts. At djamil dot com. And we'll play it on the show. That's pretty john mill and look. These are challenging times for our mental and emotional health. I get it. That's why i'm so excited for my new podcast. Depression mode were tackling depression. Anxiety trauma stressed the kinds of things that are just super common. Don't get talked about nearly enough conversations that are illuminating honest. And sometimes pretty funny with folks like kelsey dera open. Mike eagle and patent oswald book. I was never therapy medecin yet. But he smoked a carton of cigarettes a day so he was in therapy plus psychiatrists psychologists and all kinds of.

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