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So this has been a really profound conversation to me that's been going on for a minute 'cause i'm trying to turn on my on its head for me what i've typically said oh you got to have this you know i remember when barack obama was running my immediate thought when i first heard that this was a possibility was there's no way a black man could win his office there's no way and and there's no way that someone that's just a new senator so it then it is really comes down to how how are we deciding who gets to to fulfil this role particularly now you know and and that's just the question i would love to wrestle with i know what we say we normally need but why we say that why ethics that's the question everyone should be as that our selves including hedlund why are we saying that what qualifications are we saying are important and why are we seeing those specific offices matter and prepare you let me bring in another constitutionally qualified persons to this i trust that he is over 35 i know is a native born american larry sabato a political scientists the founder of the centre for politics at the university of virginia professor welcome to one point all right where a automatically sixty five why i'm over call all right now but this is the perfect time for you to come in to the conversation because angela left us with i guess one of the core questions why are we having this conversation now why are people who wouldn't have even been taken seriously for a second actually talking as if they are possible and plausible future presidents to word donald trump for two different reasons the first is he he broke a barrier and i don't think the barrier will ever be reconstructed the barrier that somewhat to run for president and left they've been agenda role in a major war should have had some political and governmental experience so you don't need that any more maybe you should have it but you don't need it in order to run and second donald trump has president of i think we all know that democrats in many independence and even a few republicans uh are desperately hoping that donald trump won't have a second term and they want to start early.

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