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Cook is doing a charity event, which will be a table read of the fast times at Ridgemont high. A virtually and we got some big stars joining the table read including Jennifer Aniston and Brad hit people are freaking out about this because that means we may actually see Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt interact virtually, which is what the world needs right now. I completely agree this is a really nice idea. I think this has been going on. A lot of quarantine stars have been doing things like this so. and. It's a crazy cool group of people, Right. So these star said cast of the fast. Times Ridgemont high table read. They added Brad Pitt and Jimmy Kimmel and they joined Jennifer Aniston. Julia. Roberts Matthew mcconaughey Morgan Freeman Henry Golden, child above Dame Cook and Sean Penn. so that's is a lot of very famous people. And that's a cool group. I'm assuming they're all doing although. What they all be doing it virtually or they want to sit in the same room no, they're doing virtually. Okay. So they're not even GONNA be in the same room together. No, they're not gonNA, be in the same room but say they have parts that have lines together. Then we will try them interact and that would be a beautiful thing. We don't know desperate to watch them talk to each other I'm desperate for it. Just anything be a little dose of Serotonin in my life will be good for me but yeah, it's going to be. Cool to see I obviously, not obviously. But I have never seen this movie and I feel like it's a classic but it came out like you've ever seen this movie you know and you know what's crazy I talked about this case in Trenton they're a little older than we are and they never seen it either and they got offended that I got offended that I said that some they're like came out in one, thousand, nine, hundred to. Well. You know we've seen a lot of movies that came out in the eighties. I just haven't seen. This yeah. Yeah. I know is like I feel like I should be banned I'm pretty bad with bad with old older movies like Joe Makes. Fun of me all the time for all the movies that I have watched and I have no desire to watch for that is that is one that I have that I have watched. Yes I feel like maybe I, need to watch it before the table read. So I know it's going on. Yeah I think it's you gotTA. Know who the people are that that they're playing I I don't know because they're all if it's Sean Penn to if they're not playing their. Characters if they're reading for other people. Than I feel like you gotta get the real thing to Sean Penn is not playing his part he said so yeah. Okay. So then you've got, you gotta see you gotTa Watch the movie. Foreshore. This is taking place on August twenty first. At eight PM Eastern on cores official facebook page ended TIKTOK. The event will benefit the emergency relief nonprofit core, the humanitarian organization co founded by Penn and Lee currently on the frontlines of the fight against Kobe providing testing and relief services in the United States. It's also going to support the reform alliance, which is focused on passing laws to reform the criminal justice system and protecting the incarcerated From the spread of covid nineteen, the last names will feature a donate by an all proceeds will. Benefit core as well as reform lions. So it's all for a good cause. No excuse not to watch offer. Good 'cause. Matthew mcconaughey a are you dazed and confused or was he in Fast Times at Ridgemont High Because I think. I. Don't think he was in fast times at Ridgemont. High I think he was just Sean Penn just Sean Penn. Yeah. I'm probably combining them in my then you are because he was dazed and confused which I think people I think that's an easy movie to get confused with Fast Times at Ridgemont high up I'm definitely can combining the two I do know I mean I know Sean Penn speak only that's rich. Hi. Yes and Matthew mcconaughey was not an ozzy. So Meghan will be at the table read but he was not in that. Yes. Lady is non penn the was on Penn is but not reading for scully no. So it will be interesting to see their latest. Holy Right. WHO's leading, play his on part, right like who gets to read I the goalie out of all most people probably like Shyla buff I feel like that would make the most sense that'd be pretty cool. Haven't seen shine a little while so that would be exciting. Right? As one, the rains came. then. A hollow. Plan. A Skipping and a jumping. A hot. Bath. Brand. L.. Say everyone freaked out after seeing a post from Kelley Jenner an instagram post the Internet thought that her original caption on the picture was brown skinned girl and that she edited it and then made it brown eyed girl. Everybody obviously freaked out because that is a ridiculous thing to make her caption and outrage would be fitting. If she actually made that her caption somebody photoshop date, spread it around the Internet made everybody freak out I guess someone who just you know wanted to make Kylie look that. This is what I cannot stand about the Internet. These are the Times I fucking hate the Internet is when something like this happens, people can literally photoshop anything and make people look like they said something or whatever it is, and this is a perfect example of that case because obviously this started going around and. And we what the Fuck Kylie like what the fuck is wrong with you while riding. Outlets were paying up. wrote a barrier they were reporting as if it was true and even we talked about it and we were like you like me we might be photoshop like they're are tone deaf sometimes the Kardashians we all know that but like are they this tone to make that the caption like I had a hard time believing it but at the same time, I was like if all. These news outlets are picking up maybe it is true. Maybe it is photoshop and that is what is so dangerous about the Internet is that you can make anybody seemed like they said something or posted something with the Little Photoshop and then not person needs to defend themselves, and then even when they do defend themselves, people don't believe them because of the fake photoshop it on Tiktok. All the time because you can do at people's videos and you can you can put text over the video. So you can make video, go viral and make it seem like somebody wrote something on their tiktok that they never even Roman unless you go to the original page and the person who originally posted it. Then you're going to believe that they wrote that thing and I think. It's such a dangerous game to play especially when there are people who are making mistakes and who do need to learn from their mistakes, and then you're just making it up and it just is defeats the purpose of anything it just so stupid like why what, what are you gaining from doing that? It's not like you. You're not gaining anything for making fake post of of someone. Is Ridiculous and she posted on her own in Scrim stories clarifying because the caption the picture did say edited but that was because she had originally posted a picture with just two emojis as the caption and then changed to Brown eyed girl and somebody photo shopped it I don't know you just gotTa be A bad sad person I guess to to do those kinds of things does really make any sense..

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