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I didn't think you would be because even. As a quote, pretty stupid comedy but some people think it's funny I'm some people. You are some people I think it's hilarious and there were three episodes and taped all three of them I did see three those on tape for years. Yeah. I lost my tape, but I did tape them. Yeah. there. Wasn't more. In, that Wacko puppet leaves a finger on me. Again, he'll be near Salvation Army barracks. At the bottom of an orphans barrel before the sweat dries on your hand do I make myself clear? Excellent excellent quotation. Excellent recitals. Perfect. Much Talks about here Ataman from the French company studiocanal talking that he apparently, he asked Lynch for permission to look at the pilot on tape. Apparently. There was like a tape of that circulating around apparently. From what we're talk. And it's like, oh, it's so embarrassing because not only is it a crappy version? It's a crappy copy a bad VHS right. Exactly. So just looks like you really don't want to look at this, but Pierre apparently insisted. And then came back a day later saying I love it. Let's make a feature out of this. So which of course took like a year and a half later to happen. When he was asked about his love of putting women in trouble and making them cry. On twin peaks and Mulholland drive, he says I know what is that all out yet he's Like. I he says, he doesn't know what it is that fascinates him but then he turns around and says Oh. I don't want to say what it is because it won't be enough. So that. Contradicts himself a little bit there. That's mysterious. It's David Lynch comes with the territory, right? Right. And then lastly, in this, the other last note I had. He said that Rebecca. Del Rio Barbara Orbison. Yes it was always Roy second wife and she is the one who translated crying into Spanish, which I think is really cool. Yeah it is. Yeah. So it's kind of the Roy's wife was on board with that. Right and the whole thing he talked about with Rebecca del Rio in how he had. Thought about putting crying in Blue Velvet. But when within dreams instead so I just I I thought that was an interesting..

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