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But, you know, made peace with them, and then came to adopt worshiping the, the old gods as gods. And so west rose was in this homeo- stasis for a long time where they were trees and people and elves and giants and mammoths and all sorts of, like pre historical stuff living in this sort of state of suspended, advancement, we're nothing was really happening for really long time led by these people. Call green Xeres, right? And the most famous one that we hear about is Garth green, who made the land bloom, and they also the great king of the iron islands, and they all sit on thrones that are trees. Right. So we're sort of led to believe if you lead, it'll Lor that these green Sears, in this land of homeo- stasis, they are all they're all like brand, right? They're all like the three eyed raven? They're all connected to the wire would net then and they rule people. They rule over people with unnaturally long. Lifespans with, with unnaturally a vast knowledge because they've made this sort of deal where they get sort of. Extended life and knowledge and in exchange for that they give up a bunch of their humanity and they merged with this sort of ecosystem, there's a speech, one of the children of the forest gives in the book about how. The Bill gods are wise. And they make sure that the tone of the forests numbers, don't multiply too much because otherwise they would swap the whole earth. Right. And so they want to make sure like deer in the forest, the deer overpopulate they start. Right. And this is a big theme through a lot of Georgia Martin's writing overpopulation, and the problem of freedom with regards to reproduction and had, there's a lot of scifi stories about planets that are overpopulating and some sort of God figure who has to come at a depopulated in darkly unethical act which seems necessary for their survival of the planet. Right. So west rose is working like this. Yes, we would you say that it is inevitable. What is what inevitable the depopulation of, of? Let's say half of the population. Or a number of planets in, let's say just a snap of the fingers is it inevitable all I'm saying is that when John snow went to pet his dog that did put a smile on my face like is how many Banos quotes can we throw eaten year?.

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