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In 1998 more of these stories right now a ktrh dot com Our next news update will be at the bottom of the hour. Toll road it or save a few bucks. Your cheaper commute coming up every 10 minutes on the tens, 5 25 time here in Houston's Morning news. Hate like to tell you about my friends over there. Brennan's warehouse had a lot of experience with runners warehouse in in Virginia. They're good people. They're always local. So The folks here in Houston are all local folks working, working to get a great job of not only being a good landlord on your behalf but to get you as much money and ran as they can. Rental market right now is booming. Real estate in general is booming, but the rental market in particular because people like to rent during uncertain times, and there's all there are always people that make a great living, but they just they don't have the down payment money to buy home. They are looking for a home like yours to put their family and they're going to the folks who brothers warehouse will find somebody to rent your home that will treat it like it's their own home. They use Ah lot of top technology, including Self showing technology conquest, a contact list showings kill a smart locks, professional video marketing so that you don't have to worry about People traipsing in and out of your home and the folks that burned his warehouse. We'll take the grunt work off your plate. That's the big thing. The only fun part about being a landlord. Is getting the check every month. You're still going to get the check, but they're going to get the phone calls. They're going to get the problems. No upfront fees, No paperwork, no hassle 7132 to 4 rent to find out more. This winter's warehouse, Houston 713224. Rent 5 26 $40 here with a look at your money..

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