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Right around Gladwin coming through the contract and curve some sort of police department activity that's right past four seventy six the blue route. And then on four twenty two we have three separate cruise. One of them's on the shoulder near royals for the next one is passed Collegeville headed for oaks. And they're in the right lane. They're patching potholes. As they go looks like they may have met up with the other ones. So that's what that delays all about west on the Walt Whitman we see some heavy traffic to that's due to construction cutting palmyra bridge, we can see the Mealey's furniture jam Cam the styles. He love for less, slow traffic both ways, and that is also due to construction. Mass transit we don't have any problems to report. One more though, this is the northeast extension the Pennsylvania turnpike, a couple of miles of jammed traffic between Lansdale and quakertown that's construction next update in less than ten minutes. I'm Stevie res the TruMark financial twenty four hour traffic center right now, ten thirty three. Philadelphia police have now identified the woman who allegedly shot her teenage son last night. And why KYW's Tim Jimenez reports a fight between mother and son the police show up? The teen says mom shot him in the knee. It happened inside their home on north twelfth street close to west Coralline street in the Logan section of the city around six o'clock last night. Police say they got the call to go to the house there the cops met the wounded fifteen year old victim who told them about the argument and his mother pulling the trigger. He was taken to the hospital, and is expected to be okay police say they arrested his mom thirty eight year old Rhonda Alvin investigators say in the house. They recovered two guns belonging to Alvin who is licensed to carry. She's now facing several charges, including aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child. Tim Jimenez, QA w NewsRadio. Investigators are still hunting for at least two gunmen. An interview witnesses about Saturday's parking lot shootout, shutdown Springfield mall. Although there was panic. Nobody was hurt. When two feuding groups began firing at each other KYW's, Pat Taty has an update from police Springfield township. Police believe there were at least two shooters who opened fire in the mall parking lot following a blow up inside between two groups of young men gunshots. Blew out the rear window of a silver dodge grand caravan police have impounded, the vehicle for evidence, and they're calling the driver a person of interest in the shootout the bullets came dangerously close to a woman who was sitting in her parked vehicle. But police say she was able to duck down in the driver's seat and avoid being hit. Her vehicle was struck twice. She escaped rant word the mall. Police have not released. How many gunshots were fired during this violent ordeal on an early Saturday afternoon, but two additional cars were also struck both of them. Unoccupied pats ATI, KYW NewsRadio. In the wake of the weekend called snap pen dot. He's getting ready for when the first flakes are ice crystals. Hit the ground KYW's. Marc Abrahams reports spread Rudolph says it's dress rehearsal in the coming days. As for Penn dot salt and plow truck drivers who will be behind the wheel of the four hundred fifty trucks in the states inventory for the five county Philadelphia region, they run on do's and dry runs. Look for some areas that may be some issues on winter. Rudolph says two hundred seventy trucks from contractors and several municipal road crews supplement the state's fleet. He says one hundred thousand tons of salt already is strategically placed so crews can get quick access. We have dozens of stockpiles across the five county region. That's where we, you know, we put our salt, and.

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