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Right. We're rolling any murphy paul. Here's the new book. The extended mind the power of thinking outside the brain i will have already provided a detailed Bio for you but Let me just start by saying now. I understand after reading your book. Why i think why. I do. Better listening to audio books. Rather than reading books. I can read books. I've read it kazillion books. But for some reason i can retain content and details even quotes that pop into mind when a minute conversation That i get from the audio version as opposed to the written version. So let's just start there. Why is that Well i have a question for you. Michael which is when you think about those quotes from those books that you've listened to you. Remember where you were when you were listening. We are all. Yeah this this. The extended mind idea. I can even picture like. I'm usually doing this on a bike. Ride or hike with my dog. Usually long bike rides. I can remember like what canyon road. I was riding up when i heard this story about some story. You told your book yes. I can actually picture it physically where i was. Yeah yes there's a couple of things going on there one. Is that as you mentioned. You're moving when you're listening to these audiobooks. It sounds like you're taking a walk. You're.

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